Sunday, November 2, 2008

Obama's New America

Obama’s New America

My fellow Americans. It is Wednesday morning, November 5th and as I sit at my desk I wonder will God still shed His grace on this new America? We serve a merciful God but I believe that the majority of the people in this country has once and for all turned their backs on God. Listen my friends in the next few years you will see some things happening in our country that will shock you. During the presidential campaign we were giving hint of some of the things. Mr. Obama has stated several times in the past that he wants to change America. I will go along with that, but I do not want for the country to change like he does. I and every other Christian wants this nation to repent and come back to God. What does Mr. Obama want to change? I have listed below just a few of the thing and trust me there are things that we do not even know about with his hidden agenda.

[1] BO wants to re design our flag to give the world a better understanding of who the American people are. {comments taken from WKDI Radio 840 am in Denton, Maryland.} What is wrong with the flag that our brave soldiers fought, died, and spilled their life's blood for in faraway lands. BO has already has removed the flag from his airplane and put his own design in its place. He does not respect or will he salute the flag or will he wear a flag pin on his clothes. Why would we want a man to lead us with views like that?

[2] BO wants to redo part of the constitution because he said it is out dated. {comments from WKDI Radio station 840 am Radio in Denton, Maryland} Now that is plain scary to redo a legal document that has governed our country all these years. So what is wrong with it? It has been good enough for over 200 years. I can assure you that his wanting to redo our constitution is not in our best interest. There is with him a hidden agenda that will soon reveal itself.

[3] BO wants a new national anthem to replace the one we have now because the one we have now according to him shows us as a war mongering people. { comments from WKDI 840 am radio in Denton, Maryland} Frances Scott Key, who wrote that, was inspired as he looked out over the sky and saw the bombs bursting in mid air. It gave proof to him that our flag was still there and we had not been defeated. That my friend is part of our heritage as Americans. Now, I ask you, how is that war mongering? We are a nation of peace makers.
[4] BO wants to take hard earned money from people that work very hard every day and give it to people who will not work in a pie shop eating pies! He calls it SPREADING THE WEALTH. I call it the start of socialism {in other words Communism.} We already know that does not work and it is atheist.

[5] We have a man elected to be president who said that part of our Bible is out of date. How scary if you are a Christian? He also said that we are not a Christian Nation anymore, but a nation of Islam, Buddhist, Jews, and Christians. Does he not know even though there are other religions in this country and there is religious tolerance we were still founded many years ago as a Christian Nation and we are still one nation under God!

[6] BO has sought out people as friends and advisors such as Louis Farrakhan, Rev. Wright, domestic terrorist, people who have their picture taken standing on the American Flag, communist poets’, and crooks from Chicago just to name a few. People who hate this country and the ideals it stands for. Will these be his behind the scene advisors?

[7] BO has a wife who has nothing good to say about this country and calls it a downright mean country. Is it still now mean as she is going to become the first lady. This is one, if not the best, country on the face of this earth. God has shed His Grace on this country and still does for the few righteous people who live here. Now we are going to see just how mean this country is going to become to some of its people who do not fit in with our president elects plans. Give him about 18 months in office and we will see changes that you will not believe even when you see them.

[8] This country has just elected a man that cannot even produce a birth certificate to show where he was born. The same things that would keep the FBI from giving the American citizen a clean pass to work in a secured area in our nation will not stop this man and he still gets a free pass to become our nation’s leader. Folks we are going the wrong way here.
We could go on and on about this subject, but what is done is done and we as Christians must still do our part to up hold the laws of this land as long as they do not go against God’s Laws. Listen we must not neglect the assembling of our self’s together even more so as that day approaches! We as Christians can see what is coming and let us pray for one another as never before, as well as for our country.

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