Friday, December 5, 2008

Mom, The Doctor Is Here

Mom, The doctors here! How many reading this article can remember that? This writer sure can. I can remember if you were to sick to go to the doctor's office the doctor and his little black bag would come to your house. When he left, he left you with medicine from his little black bag and a bill to be paid as soon as you could. He also charged you by what he thought that you could pay. He knew most of his people that he cared for and how they lived. He was a doctor that did his job because of his compassion for the sick. He was not wealthy. He was just a middle class person doing a job that he loved because he had compassion for the people.

No matter what the problem was, unless it was serious, he would take care of you, anything from removing small growths, to setting broken bones, to stitching you up. The doctor or his wife was always there to answer the phone and give you some advice as to what to do about a sickness or they would tell you to come to the office. They would always call you back later just to check on you. They were concerned for the people under their care.You had this feeling of someone that was caring and compassionate. Where did all this go? I tell you where it went, "OUT THE DOOR"

The medical field has changed so much that you just do not get that type of care anymore. What care we get is good and the best in the world, but my friends in my heart there is something that bothers me. The medical profession in my opinion has turned its back on compassion and it is all for the money. Why do I say this? I have been in some doctor's offices that have a sign, money first, or payment due on day of visit. I know people who call for a doctor and cannot be seen because they do not have insurance or the money to pay for the visit. What a shame. I have seen people at the emergency room that needs to be admitted and the medical staff will give them a aspirin and send them home, because of no medical insurance. If that same person had medical insurance they would have been admitted and given the best of care. Do I see a double standard here? Yes I do.

The hospitals and most doctors would not admit this but you and I know that it is so. I know that hospitals and doctors need money to keep going, but I have to ask this question: "WHAT IS A HUMAN LIFE WORTH?" What should be more important to them, (1) Money first and then patient care second, or (2) Patient care first and money second. I'm getting ready to make a bold statement that some might disagree with. THE UNTIED STATES HAS THE BEST MEDICAL CARE IN THE WORLD IF YOU HAVE MEDICAL INSURANCE, BUT IF YOU DO NOT HAVE MEDICAL INSURANCE CAN YOU STILL SAY THAT? ASK ANYONE THAT DOES NOT HAVE INSURANCE AND SEE WHAT THEY SAY! THEY WILL TELL YOU WHAT KIND OF CARE THEY GET MOST OF THE TIME.

Not all in the medical field are that way. My family doctor is a very good man and he does what he can for you. He is one of the few that will. I know what I have said to be true because I have taken many a person to the doctor or hospital for medical care that had no medical insurance and I witnessed myself the difference of care between the has and has
no ts as far as medical insurance goes. Believe me there is a difference. However we can not put all the blame on the medical field.

The Federal Government can bail out all the big corporations and send men into space but they can not figure out how to help the people in this nation who have no health insurance. What a shame. The only thing they can come up with is socialized medical care and that will never work. I guess instead of bailing out the American Citizen the next step for the government is to bail out THE HEALTH INSURANCE INDUSTRY.
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