Thursday, July 21, 2016

Time For A Clean Sweep

Term Limits: The Only Way to Clean Up Congress. The only serious opponents of term limits are incumbent politicians and the special interests -- particularly labor unions -- that support them.
During the past two elections we have heard over and over again that there is coming a change. The change we saw is not what most of the  American people wanted or expected. America because of this change has been brought to near total collapse while the Republicans in congress did little or nothing to stop it. People we trusted to do the right thing did no more than make feeble efforts to stop the liberals and Obama. I realized years ago there was something amiss in the Republican Party and I like many others left the party and become a independent. What ever happen to that grand old party? Has it been hijacked?
Not only must conservatives fight the liberal Democrats and Hillary Clinton they have got to fight the ones of the Republican Party who want what they want and not what the voters want. They have not yet after years of being in office realized they are to do what the people want and not what they want. We are talking about the good old boys who have been in control of the Republican Party for decades. The Bushes, Mitt Romney, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, and Ted Cruz to name a few are bringing deception and cracks to the Republican Party. We can clearly see how deceiving they are now are.
During the debates all the candidates signed a document saying that they would support who ever was the party's candidate. This was done because they did not want Trump to run as a third a third candidate, never ever believing he would be the one the people wanted. Now that he is their choice the very ones that wanted the document will not support Trump, while others will not attend the convention or will they listen to the will of the people. What does that tell you about our esteemed leaders. It tell me they are for their self and not for the American people.
These people know beyond a doubt what is at stake in this election. The outcome of this election will either lower the nation down to the point of no return or lift it back up to where our country should be. Whoever wins this election will put at least two supreme court judges on the bench. If the liberals win we will have judges that will try to change the Constitution and if the conservatives win we will have judges that will uphold the constitution. Everyone knows what Hillary Clinton will do if she is elected president. We all know what will happen to our country. So does the good old boys of the Republican Party who are no shows at the convention.  Do they care about America's future or the own agenda?
It is time for a clean sweep of Congress and the White House. These good old boys of the Republican Party are just as much the problem as The liberal Democrats and their liberal ways. They lost their credibility when they went against the Republican Voters. But that is what career politicians do.And it is sad but they are hurting the Republican Party and Trumps chances of winning. They know this and still they snub Trump. They need to go.

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