Monday, November 5, 2012

VOTE - Return To The Old Paths

I come across this phrase in a conservative commentary yesterday“Sewer Salad”in which the person described our current president and his agenda. As I sat and thought about that statement I realized how right they were in making that statement.Ever since I can remember we have have had some really good presidents, some that were not so good. That is the way it goes. You never really know what you are getting as a leader most of the time. The thing that really upset and bothers me is this: We have never, in the history of the country had a president who holds every good and positive characteristic of our country in such open contempt. In the history of this country Americans have never had a president who has done so much to dismantle and take apart this country to fit into a failed political belief. Thousands of people voted for him in 2008 because he promised the change and now we can really see the change that he has in mine.

Obama's constant message about “ tax breaks for millionaires” and the continuous references to “the middle class” is intended to do one thing: encourage and promote class warfare. Every message that comes from Obama's mouth has the same intention and purpose. That purpose is to divide America . The sad thing is he is doing a pretty good job of it. The words we have heard though out our generation “United We Stand - Divided We Fall” has been what made this nation of ours work and made her strong.

The people who are voting for Obama are worshiping a failed political agenda in which Obama has insisted that bigger government, more regulations, and less freedom for the American people is the correct answer to the problems facing this nation. We can see were that got our nation. This just did not happen over night or with Obama’s election in 2008. It started some time ago during the Johnson administration in 1964 and has arrived at what we have today. A Terrible mess! Now we have a man that is steadily pounded nails into that coffin of burying The America Dream. And the current problem will not correct itself when Obama is out of the White House. It took time to get this way and it will take time to fix. We must steer the course that was given to us by our founding fathers based on the principals found in the Bible. I f you want America back to were she once was then we must return to the old paths that was not only good for America, but for our souls.

America will not be able to turn to a better course with just one election. It will take time. So do not sign the death warrant for America The Beautiful by not voting at all and when you vote make sure you know the right side. If you stay home you are voting for Obama. If you vote for a third party candidate you are voting for Obama. Vote for Romney to start our nation back on the right track.

This country, that we have been blessed with, was a gift from God Almighty and was put into place by wise men who were our nation founding fathers. We the people of this great nation have neglected for a long time now, “ America The Beautiful!” and it is time for all true, hard working, God fearing, Americans to stand up and be counted. If Obama gets re-elected you will not have another chance. Four more years of him our liberties and freedoms will be a thing of the past. I say again vote for the right change and that is Romney!

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