Monday, November 26, 2012

The Split

America is no longer the nation it was just a few short years ago. Her standards are lowered in every area. America was once a thriving nation and a nation that Believed in God and followed His commandments and laws. Because of this America was blessed in abundance in every area. Now nearly half of the population receives some type of government assistance. How much of this assistance is really needed? If a person looks back on the history of this country and putting everything into perspective any person with just the slight intelligence would have to say not anywhere what is being handed out today.

I can remember years ago an average working American family had one car, window air conditioning, we had no cell phone and the government did not provide one, but we got along just fine. There was a time when the only way that a person could receive Social Security disability they really truly had to be disabled. Now it seems that if a person has a headache they are on the road for disability insurance, food stamps, Their  electric bill paid, and all the needs provided when in the real world the person should have a job to support his family and his self, not living off the system for years and years. When these benefits are handed out like giving candy to kids it not only hurts the American taxpayer, but also hurts the people who truly need and deserve help. America is fast becoming a nation that has more takers than there are makers. The American working people cannot sustain this kind of taxation for long. It is beyond me why people cannot see this.

When we have leaders or a leader who wants to put into place a plan or policy that takes from the workers and give it to the non workers (better known as spreading the wealth around) we as a nation are heading for a disaster. There is also nothing wrong with being rich. Everybody would like to be rich, but that is not the case. People must realize it is the rich that provide the jobs, pay the salaries, and keep the economy running smoothly. Without their money being put into the job markets there would be no jobs, no paychecks, no vacations, no medical insurance, or many other things that the average working person takes as granted. Many Americans who are now rich started out with not a cent in their pockets. They worked hard and realized that they could make something of their self. That is called the American dream.

Now it seems the American dream starts with having a child out of wedlock and then keep on having them out of wedlock because the more babies you have the more freebies that are supplied by the government. This has to come to an end. There will soon be more babies born into homes with just one parent in this country. This was not God’s plan for a family unit. When I was growing up there was a saying that was quoted from the Bible; If you do not work you do not eat. I wonder what the unemployment rate would be today if that was ever put into place. There are people who live off government handouts that are living better than people who work every day. What is wrong with that picture? This nation is becoming a nation of poverty real quick.

We have a president who threatens to not pay the social security benefits to retirees (scare tactics) unless some piece of legislation is not signed and how can that be. Social security does not belong to the government or the president. It belongs to the people who faithfully paid it in all their life. They were only the keepers of this money and they were sure poor keepers of that. If anyone should not get paid it is the congressmen and the big salaries and big benefits. The American people may soon have to face Obama care but our congressmen are excluded from it. What is wrong with that picture?

For years America has had a very serious problem with illegal’s coming across the border and costing the American taxpayer millions of dollars every year in government assistance to the ones who will not work, or the cost of the illegal who commit crimes and are in prison. The amount paid for all this is staggering.

The list and the talking point could go on and one but there has been enough said for the average American to see where the problem is in this country. Nothing will change until the American voter (the ones that work for a living) does something about the problem. The first problem is that we have a man in the White house that is promoting all these issues to cause a divide in this country.  George Washington chopped down the cherry tree and Obama is chopping up America.

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