Saturday, October 6, 2012

THE TRUTH: Or Is It As Pigs Fly


Pigs Fly

It is interesting to me how the liberals tried to defend Obama's very poor, know nothing, performance at the first presidential debate with Romney. Obama did not do so well because he was in the air above 5000 feet for hours and he did not have time to adjust, this according to Al Gore, was the problem. Then we have the great one him self (Obama) say he did not do well because Romney was lying at the debate. I was fully expecting Obama to say at anytime that "Pigs Fly" and if he did most of his followers would believe him. 

Obama lost the debate because of these four reasons and there could be more but these four come to the front real quick. [1] He had no teleprompter to tell him what to say, [2] He could not deny the truth [3] Romney had his act together with facts that could not be denied. [4] The liberal press was not their to cover his mistakes and give him the boost that he always gets from them. After the debate most liberal news reporters were either crying the blues or trying to find some way to fix Obama's sad performance to the public viewers.

Four the past four years the American people has had a man leading this country that no one really knew who he is and for that matter, after four years, the public still does not know who he is. Is he Barack Hussein Obama or is he Barry Santos? Was he really born in this country? We still do not really know the answer to that question. Why does he have so many social security cards? I only have one.  How many do you, the reader need? Were is the transparency he promised the American People that would be in his government? There has been more deals made behind closed doors and of a night than in any other presidency. If you go against his polices you are labeled a racist. We have a man that does not care what the American people as a whole want or what Congress wants. If he can not get what he wants by congress then he uses executive orders to accomplish what he wants. The truth of the matter is this, He wants to be a dictator. 

So what does he really want? you can answer that question by looking at who he aligns himself with and who his associates are.  He wants the destruction of this country as we know it. He wants to dis mantle this country piece by piece until it is like any other third world country. sad thing is this: the public has been lied to, deceived, and brought to the brink of bankruptcy, both morally and spiritually by a man that promised everything but did or delivered nothing that he promised. He only made the problems of this country worse so he could fulfill his own personal agenda and that is to fulfill the dreams of his father, who was a communist.  A blind made can see this!

Another four years of Obama and our country will never be the same. It will never be as our forefathers intended it to be. Our constitution rights are under tack right now, Our religious freedom, the right to bare arms, and many others will be gone if this man is elected to a second term. Our taxes are used for abortions, birth control devices, to promote homosexuals, gay marriage, and many other things. Our leader [Obama] mocks the Christian Bible saying some of the passages are not for today and he also said that the constitution that has governed our country for over two hundred years is outdated. If you believe that then you must believe that pigs fly! Remember this is the man that wants a civilian army larger than our military and is to answer only to him. Now what does that sound like? If you are a reader of history there is only one answer: HITLER!

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