Tuesday, October 16, 2012


The American voter should ask their self this question before they vote in November. Our country, children,and our grand kids’ future are at stake. Never in the history of the United States have our rights as American citizens come into question as they are now. Below I have listed something’s that all Americans liberal and conservative, Democrats, Republicans, and Independent voters should be a wear of and think on before they pull that lever for Obama.

[1] During the during the 2008 campaign for president that Obama came out of nowhere and surged to the top of the poles promising change. What change he did not say and he was not question about it. What was his agenda? No one asked! He said that he wanted to change America. He has done that for sure and it is not for the best. Who is this man? Where did he come from? What has he done for our country during his first term in office? These are questions that every American regardless of sex, race, or ethnic background should ask their self. In 2008 we had a man run for the highest office in our land that would not produce a certified birth certificate until way after he was elected and even now what he produced does not meet the requirements for a certified document. We still after four years do not know if he was born in this country or in Kenya.

[2] His college records are sealed and not open to the public. People who went to the colleges that he went to and graduated in the same year do not know him, do not remember him, and was not in a class with him. Not much of his life in the past has been made public by him, although other people that investigated him have brought up many undeniable truths. Never has there been a president in office whose past life is veiled in so much secrecy. did you ever stop to ask the question why?

[3] We know from news releases before he was elected the first time that he was a member of Jeremiah Wright’s Church where he went for over twenty years. He was married by Wright and listen to Wrights vermin for years which started to come to the surface with Wrights famous: ‘God Damn America’ statement. Obama said he did not hear speeches of this type when he went there. That was proven not so by many reports following that statement. So my question is why did Obama go there? It sure was not to learn of Jesus Christ!

[4] What about his Christian faith? Or should I say his Muslim faith!  Although Obama claims to be a Christian there are just not any fruits to prove that, but on the other hand what about his Muslim faith?  He said on public TV that the greatest sound in the morning is hearing the Muslims called to prayer. He cancelled the National day of prayer, but yet allowed thousands of Muslims to pray on the White House Lawn. He publicly stated on national TV that parts of the Holly Bible was not for today, but yet continually quotes publicly, in Arabic, the Koran. He just recently stated at the United Nations that: ‘No one should defame the prophet (Mohammad) but says nothing about how Christ is defamed every day. At Fort Hood, Texas a major in the Army, who was a Muslim, shoot and killed several people and wounded many others. It was a act of terror  but Obama called it work place violence. When ever there is an act of terror in this country Obama will call it anything but what it is___ TERROR! (especially when it is caused by Muslims) Makes a person stop and think, doesn’t it? And we will not even get into his horrible position on abortion and homosexuals that stink in the nostrils of God. Why does he wear, since his college days, a  ring that has Muslim prayers on it and used it as his wedding band when he got married? He is saying that not only was he marrying Michelle, but also the Muslim religion.  So my question to you is this: Is Obama a lair or is he a Christian or is he a Muslim?

[5] The economy of this country has just about gone under and Obama keeps saying it is improving. Not So! It will never improve as long as he is in office. He has stopped all drilling for oil in the gulf by all American Companies, but has give Brazil and other South American Countries billions so they can drill for oil in the gulf and then sell it to America at a Outrageous price. Obamacare is a big job killer and the biggest tax increase ever, although Obama said that it is not. Obamacare has taken away billions already from Medicare and will soon control what the doctors can and cannot do. Does that sound like a man that we want to be our leader.

[6] We have a leader that would rather be campaigning than attending national security briefings, a man that would rather be on a late show than meeting with our ally.  A man that is the leader of this nation and bows and goes on apology tours to apologize for America and say that we well do better when in fact no other nation on the face of this earth has helped people more than America has. What is our leader trying to do? The answer to that question is very simple once you have all the pieces.


[7] Obama talked about in one of his books about the dreams of his father, not his dreams. Those dreams by his father was of a socialist, communist country and for that matter world. Obama is working at his best to bring that very thing about. Little by little he is dismantling our country and turning it into a socialist country that depends on the government for everything. He is a man that can’t tell the truth in anything that he says. He never takes the blame for anything. It is always someone else's fault. There is no transparency in his administration that he promised, More is done by him of a night and by executive order than any other president before him. The list could go on and on but one gets the idea pretty quick about this man. He wants this country to fail.

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