Sunday, October 28, 2012

OBAMA: The Pander

After hearing Obama do his best in the debates to try to convince through lies and deceit that his policies were working I’m more depressed than ever when I heard his no nothing speeches. We hear some people explain his double talk by saying that he doesn’t understand the trouble our country is in. But I say he knows exactly how deep of trouble our nation is really in and he has help put us there for his purpose of making the change, as he called it in the last election. His purpose is to destroy this country as we know it and rebuild it as a socialist nation were everyone depends on the government for their existence. A nation where Islam rules.
He is pandering to people who just don’t want to hear the truth as long as they get their freebies from him or they just do not know or understand what is at stake. Some people that are voting for him do not even know what he is for or against. How many times have we heard on the internet or the news when people said they were voting for him because he gives them different things. Some thought he was going to pay their mortgage payments for them, others their car payments. The latest was a woman voting for him because he give her a cell phone. Then we have people who voted for him for no other reason than his skin color, but yet the people who did not vote for him, because of his agenda, were called racist. Figure that one out.

These people really scare me because their vote (for Obama) can destroy this country. I say this because these people do not have their priorities where they should be. If Obama gets another four years America as we know it will be gone. What I want to hear is a plan, by him, to seriously curb spending so that it will be in line with the present economic situation. To put it in simple words where does Obama think the government is going to get the money for all these entitlements when we’re already broke.
I want to hear how he is going to protect us from Muslim terrorist who want to kill every American and impose their religion and its form of slavery on us. I do not want to hear anymore about “work place violence” when it is a act of terrorism. And I sure do not want to hear from him how Islam is a peaceful religion when it clearly shows that it is not.

The Gun is Not The Problem

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