Tuesday, October 9, 2012

OBAMA: America's Phony in Chief

Obama truly deserves the title "Phony in Chief"When Obama and his liberal friends are not busy suggesting to the conservatives  to be considerate in their discussions of political issues, they are busy wit their  insults, their accusations and smears against those who dare to disagree with them. Most of the time it is out and out lies, far from the real true about the issue or the other person. Obama, after his big loss  in the debate with Romney, and looking like the empty chair Clint Eastwood talked about at the Republican convention, has called  Romney a phony, a lair, and a lot of other things. The problem with all that is this: Anybody with just a little bit of sense can see that  our Commander in Chief is really a Phony in Chief. A  great example of this is when he gives a speech to mostly blacks he turns his speech into, and acts like a person living in the ghetto, with his ghetto accent that he doesn't use anywhere except when he is addressing a black audience.

This is exactly what community organizers do.  When in Rome do as the Romans do. That is another way of putting it. Community organizers aggravate and mess with people's feelings to the point that the people would do just about anything.  That includes believing what he (Obama) promotes. And this is who Obama was as a Chicago community organizer and this is who he is today. Looking back, in retrospect. seeing him in that position, as a community organizer, should have warned every American who thought that he was a person that would bring us together, when he was, in truth, all too well polished in the work of separating people and guess what my friends, he still is.

Since Obama has been in office Truth is not, no longer, a requirement for being president just like it was when he was a community organizer. Being a straight forward person is no longer a requirement for being president. When you look at the Obama presidency it looks like the new requirements for being commander and chief is being a phony, a lair, a deceiver, and a divider of the people. Obama knows exactly what he is doing. He has had a lot of practice.  He has lied to the American people from day one and is still spinning his lies while he calls his opponents liars. Sad to say if he is given another four year term we are goners. It will be a Obama world that we will all live in, like it or not.

He says that he is a Christian. If he is truly a Christian then I went wrong somewhere with my walk with the Lord. When a person looks into Jeremiah Wright's church were Obama attended for twenty years you can see it was not Jesus Christ that he went there for. You only have to listen to some of Wright's sermons filled with vermin and hate to figure that out. Jeremiah Wright unleashed his obscene attacks on America from the pulpit of the church that Obama attended for 20 years. If he is truly a Christian why does he favor and quote the Muslim religion. Why does he say the Christian Bible not for today?

Where is the transparency that this man promised? Where is the man that said that if he was elected president he would be a president for all the people and he would unit America. There is no transparency with him or his administration and his is hard at dividing this country, man against woman, black against white,  everybody against everybody. What was once good is now bad and what was once bad is now good. He is a person who is determined to destroy the American Values that were put into place by better people than him.

Most of the news media have tried to dismiss these facts and other revelations of who Obama really is and his true character even when they keep coming to light. But, most people know the truth is one thing that never wears out. It will always be there and the truth can tell a lot about Obama's character or rather his lack of character.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Most of the people who are for Obama and voted for him in the last election and will vote for him in this election do not really know the truth about him.There are millions of people who have simply excepted him because of his government give always and his promises. These are the people who need to be confronted with the truth, before they repeat the mistake they made when they voted four years ago. 

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