Monday, October 8, 2012

NOBAMA: Or His Hope And Change

During Obama’s 2008 campaign of “Hope and Change,” The American people heard many promises by him and none have come to past. These are the ones that really come to the forefront because during his campain he repeated them over and over.
  •  “I will have the most open, honest and transparent government ever. I can’t [and most sound minded people can't either] remember when there have been more back room deals than it has during the four years of the Obama White House. It looks like to me that the corrupt Chicago politics have moved to Washington, D.C and right into the White House. Out-right bribes to get two senators to vote for Obama’s health care is first on the list. There has been more back room and late of a night deals than ever before. And if that did not work Obama just signed an excective order and by passed Congress.
  •  “I will cut the deficit in half during the first year and a half.” And the debt has gone from $10 trillion to $16 trillion and it is still climbing with no end in sight. Instead of cutting the deficit Obama is increasing it everyday by his self made plans for a new America. It is time for him and the deficit to go back to Chicago.
  •  “I will unite the country.”Never before has so much class warfare come from the White House any anyother president that we have ever had. He has set back race relations, seperated the class into class warfare, and is trying to use women in his destruction of this country.
  • “I will keep unemployment below 8 percent.” Not happening while he is in office. The polls just released that say unemployment is below 8% is false. It smells of Chicago politics during a election year. All the annalistthat keep track on this say that it can not be.  A large percent of these numbers show people with just part time jobs. The unemployment figures do not count the unemployed who have given up looking for work. The real unemployment rate is closer to 11 or 12 percent. But anything goes for the truth in an election year. 
  •  “If I don’t fix the economy in three years I’ll be a one term president.” The economy is not fixed and for that matter it is worse. But he still wants to be a two term president. Let us help him keep this promise of being a one term president. To me it sounds like the only thing left in “hope and change” is hope that he does not get re-elected again. I think the hope for a real change rests on someone else’s shoulders, not Obama's.

Obama is running this country like someone that is taking a car apart instead of putting it back together again. What he has really done in his four years in office is this: [1] He has brought this country close to finanical collapse as anyone could, [2] Has brought this country so far down that it will not take much for our world leader static to become second or even third class. [3] He has alienated our allies. 

During this election he wil have so many dead people, dogs, cats, illegals, and what ever voting for him he might get re-elected. Then there are his goons [ the black panthers] who will, most assurely, be at the voting places intimadating voters, I'm just wondering if we can even get him out of office even if he loses the election. He can not be trusted and I'm sure he has a plan. Some might think that I'm crazy for saying it, but we will see.

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