Sunday, October 7, 2012

AMERICA: Not The One I Grew Up In!


This is not the America I grew up in. I love this country; it is the greatest in the world. God shed His Amazing Grace on this country, but the big problem is we are going backwards almost out of control, Spiritually, morally, and from the very roots this nation was founded on.  We have a  president that some call a do-nothing president; but it goes way beyond that. He is the one that is destroying our country by purpose and design. Piece by piece our country goes by the way side. The people that thought Jimmy Carter was a bad president had better look again, because this president makes Jimmy Carter look great. Our economy is really bad, unemployment is terrible and getting worse and there is a lack of true leadership in the White House.  Obama has done exactly what he wanted to do. He has successfully polarized the nation in every way. Congress, the classes, the races, and you name it he has turned everybody against everybody.  With four more years, he will do the same again to our country and he will finish the job that he started. (To destroy our country as we know it). We will never recover.

From the Democrat party not recognizing God as part of their platform (until it came into question), to recognizing homosexuals as part of their platform, the funding of abortion clinics, to tax payer paid birth control, we must realize this country is failing. To have a president that calls our constitution outdated and the Bible not being for today and has publicly made fun of it, while quoting from the Muslim Koran is just plain mind boggling to me. Little does he know that the words and prophecies in that precious BOOK are coming to place faster all the time.

All true Americans who truly love this country know the right choice to make. There is no way a true American can vote for this man for an other four years. It is time four all Americans to wake up (SMELL THE COFFEE)  before it is two late. Please wake up, America, and get up, make your voice heard and vote this man out and make this country proud again.

The Gun is Not The Problem

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