Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The New Democrat Party

dem I have noticed, more and more lately, whenever someone makes a comment against Obama in the public, any article you read or see on the internet, someone will step in and calls the person a racist. It's a ridiculous defense, on Obama’s behalf, since he is half white and half black and the comments have nothing to do with race, but it has all to do with his poor performance since he has been president. Some might say: WHAT PREFORMANCE?”  There can be no other defense for Obama by his party or his followers. So they try to use the race card and then they deal it from the bottom of the deck.

Progressives can rage, do their unjustified sneers, roar out their grievances and pose as the protector for the oppressed, but what do they actually believe in except the evil put out by them and by most of the Democrat party? The Republican Party is not never right 100% of the time, but the Democratic Party is never right and has forgotten everything but bigotry and there intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from them. If the Democrats and progressives have to speak without relying on racism, then it talks about marching, hand and hand, together to the future, always talking about families, children, technology, clean energy, environmental challenges, all empty words , but it always pulls in the applause of its captive audience. What are they really applauding, the free hand outs which comes their way by the Democrat party and are paid for by hard working Americans. This applause comes from generations of people who know nothing else but to depend on the government for their existents. This was all started in 1964 by the Democratic under Lyndon Baines Johnson and was called the great society. There is nothing racist here because both white and black are both on this government plantation.

Ask Obama why he should be reelected and he tells you that it’s to “finish what we started.” Not “he” anymore. For once the great narcissist who uses the word “I” like the letter is about to be removed from the alphabet resorts to “we”, because he is already passing the blame to someone else. What is it that “we” started? No one but Obama seems to knows. There’s something about health care reform which is called Obama care and it has become the greatest tax increase in American history, the bail out of the auto industry and killing Bin Laden. No mention of course, about protecting the American people from Islamic terrorist attacks or their moral values, no mention of the ever increasing Mexican boarder problem that is costing the American people untold millions of dollars or or are they telling us how they plan to put the American people back to work. The Democratic Party and its media affiliates, or should we say buddies, have become a party of sneaks and liars who only know how to steal every discussion with an obsession that continually preoccupies or intrudes on their mind. The Democrats keep insisting that every issue comes down to race and that the difference between the two parties is that one of them is racist and the other is not and has the peoples best interest at heart. It’s hard to know what the Democratic Party stands for anymore. All we know is that it is against racism or so they say. Never before has an entire election been run around a single negative issue that has absolutely nothing to do with the actual challenges facing the country. Instead we have the national spectacle of minority groups being hood winked. There is no precedent for a country facing so many  major crises including an economic depression and a war at the same time, holding an election that is somehow about race. If we’re going to make the 2012 election about race, then we might as well also make it about childhood obesity, green energy and all the other idiocies of a failed administration that can’t think straight and to the point. We need a party and a leader that can think beyond a government bailout.

For the last three years, the Democrats has responded to every criticism of their candidate, their party and their incompetence by saying it is racism, as if having a black candidate and a large share of the black vote makes them honorary minorities. Please give me a break. All their crying has nothing to do do with real problems facing this country, like the unsustainable national debt and an economy that still can’t get back on its feet, the illegal's, or job creation, and that is just a few on the list. 

Instead of bringing this country together Obama trying his best to divide and conquer. Obama is running his re election bid on a program of bank bailouts and bank accountability, to end all wars, including those he started, and including those he lost. He’s doing everything he can for us to be dependent on foreign oil by killing domestic drilling. This bunch of crap (and that is what it is, crap) wouldn’t have gotten of the floor in the Democratic Party two generations ago. My grandmother who was a democrat all her life would turn over in her grave if she could see this new democrat party. The democrats have put a 16 foot statue of Obama at their convention which is made of sand. In closing I want to remind the American people remember the man who built his house on the sand.

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