Sunday, September 23, 2012

Just Plain Tired Of Obama


I did not vote for Obama when he ran for office the last time and race was certainly not an issue when I voted in 2008. The color of a man’s skin does not and will not ever bother me. God has made all races equal. I would have  voted  for  any American who had Christian values, conservative values and respect for America and our flag.   The  problem is Obama does not fit any or these categories. Obama is destroying the country that many of us love so dearly. He has no regard for our American heritage, our constitution, the Bible, or our founding fathers. He is taking down this great country piece by piece right before our eyes.

He is destroying our chances of good health care now that many of us are senior citizen. We seniors have the most to lose in this Obamacare plan. He stole $716 billion dollars from Medicare to fund his Obama care. So no matter how you cut it our medical care will now be rationed, compromised and decided on by a panel of bureaucrats who  do not have to answer to no one. I am so tired of Obama yelling at the citizens of this country and talking down to us like we are not doing what he wants. Since he and his wife have lived in the White House We have sacrificed, but him and his wife have not yet sacrificed anything that I know of,   but yet he  talks  about  Romney and his wealth. 

I am just plain  tired of a president who has no respect for our flag, our country or our troops. I am so tired of an administration that thinks we are too stupid to know what is best for ourselves.  I’m tired of a president that will not even work with congress because it is his way or no way at all. But yet he says congress will not work with him.  We truly need a new president before things get any worse. I sincerely fear what another four years of Obama would mean for the American people.

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