Friday, November 11, 2011

Where Is The Beef?

The United States has for years and years made swings to the right and then to the left. What brings about the change of one of these periods is when the majority of the people who vote, no longer believe the ideas of their leaders or whatever time period  they live in. The recent 2010 elections only served to give false hope to those on the right that their era would continue to keep going on to the conservative paradise that they imagined and to those on the left they are still looking for the “CHANGE” by Obama and the Democrats. Nobody, including the American people, were winners.

 When we look closely at the course of actions and the proposals of the present line up of Republican presidential candidates, it seems clear that the right wing conservatives  has run out of ideas on how to help the average, run of the mill, American citizen flourish and prosper in the coming years. I’m talking about the years ahead where just about everything will change. It is time for the candidates to pull together instead of fighting each other, on TV, in front of the whole nation. Their main goal should be uniting together to defeat a president that is bent on destroying this country. The rate that the present candidates are going neither one of them will be a winner!  They would rather fight each other than to fight Obama!

The Democrats are still in the ‘Blame bush mode” for all the countries problems when most of them they (the Democrat party) created. Obama, his self, is a major problem to the countries woes. He is 100 per cent against any idea or any person that has a good plan. He has showed us, by his actions, it is his way or no way. If he is elected for another term he will finish destroying this country. There will be nothing left of this great country, but a socialist state.

There are many important issues before us that we, as a country, must address and work together toward dealing with. Yet Republicans, as well as Democrats, either want to ignore or pay no attention to them in favor of small and minor issues, or criticize anyone who put forward a plan to seriously deal with them in a practical and sensible manner.  This country needs job growth, a better economy, secure borders, a roundup of the illegals, stop being politically correct about the Islamic issue. If we do not, then soon and very soon, the Islamic flag will fly over the white house. This could happen very easily if Obama gets [re] elected to another four year term as the leader of this country.

The American voters should be looking at the Republicans and the Democrats and saying, "Hey, we gave both parties another chance and you're still not getting the job done. The fact or the matter is you are not even trying to get anything done. And since we've only got two choices, the next election we'll be looking over your shoulders" and you either ‘get er done’ or you will be replaced.

The problem is there are too many congressmen who are worried more about being (re) elected instead of leading this country out of the mess we are in! They demonstrated that when they passed some of Obama’s brain storms behind closed doors late of a night. It is called the Obama transparency. It is their fat salaries and benefits that they are thing about. And by the way those salaries are outrageous! And when I say leading, I'm not talking about people who just go with what there campaigned are based on or who donated the most money to their election and campaign.  Until the American people can find  men  and/or  women whose only principles and beliefs is the good of this country as a whole, then nothing will change. It will be the same old crap, just a different day.
We need to go back to the day when a man’s word of honor won elections. Today it is money that buys elections.

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