Monday, November 14, 2011

State Of The Art; Character Assassination!

This state-of-the-art execution of good men, by the liberal news is just the beginnings, as we can see below. The liberal media wants to destroy anyone - of any race or way of life - who wants to defend and support limited government and a person’s liberty. They will do anything to stop any of these men from winning the White House. Just keep on reading and you will see the liberal bias.
Rick Perry:  When the liberal Washington Post thought that Perry was the Republican front runner they concocted a thirty year old story that Texas Perry’s father, not Perry himself, rented out a hunting camp that once had been given a racially offensive name by some other person not Rick Perry or his father. Rick Perry’s father changed the name once he had taken control of the property. Rick Perry his self helped to get rid of the sign from the property that had the racial name. In This evil and vicious  world, the son is guilty of the father’s sins, and his father’s, father’s sins, even when there are no sins to be guilty of in their lives - so long as the name is Perry, Rick Perry was guilty of it!
Herman Cain: Scandalous and Outrageous murmured crusades against people running for office were at one time only thought and assumed by people, but just recently Politico announce them in headlines on their blog. Accusations made by unidentified sources, not having any detailed charges, are obviously good enough to meet the low journalistic standard of Politico. They made these printed this false clams, knowing that they could destroy not just a candidacy of what seems to be a honest and straight forward man, but a man’s personal life forever. Such high standards for a news outlet. More like news from a trashy tabloid.  What the liberals are really trying to do here is to get rid of Cain, because he would be the one candidate that would take away a lot of the black vote. What man or women that is running for public office does not have some kind of stain on their record. It is not the stain or the allegations that worry the far left it is the man who is a big threat to the Obama campaign.
Newt Gingrich:  Perhaps the most damaging of personal assassinations, to try to eliminate someone, is also among the most flagrantly, blatantly, and deliberately false. Some people and news reporters are so unashamed of how they report the news.  The talking class or people who like to argue, and misrepresent the facts has claimed for years that Gingrich had served his cancer-stricken wife with divorce papers on her deathbed. This is so outrageous, despicable and false. People can do shameful things to hold a good person back. Gingrich’s  daughter, Jackie Gingrich Cushman, who wrote a recent article entitled “Setting the record straight.” Her mother, who is still alive, does not and never did have cancer. Newt’s daughter said the divorce, which should have been a private family matter in the first place, had begun sometime before the so called famous hospital visit and was, in fact, requested by his wife, not Gingrich. Why let the facts get in the way of perfectly good character assassination story or should I say lies?

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