Thursday, November 24, 2011

IT IS CALLED WORK - No More Free Lunches

Where do the Wall Street Protesters think there is such a thing as a free lunch. Everything demanded by the Occupy Wall Street protesters, such as "free" health care, a college education" or a "guaranteed living-wage income regardless of employment" status -- costs money and a lot of it. Who is to pay for it. When a CEO makes a lot of money in the private sector, it is because of his company.  To say it is "not right" that a CEO makes a lot more than a person that works for him,  is to say it is not right for the marketplace to set wages. If the marketplace ought not set wages, then who or how should they be set?

I have recently retired from a electric company that I have owned and operated since 1986. Before that I worked for someone who owned another electric company and it was there that I was taught the trade. After going into business I made money, bought a modest house, one that I could afford, paid the employees, that worked for me a good wage and they were happy to have a job. These employees had the same chance that I did when I went into business, with no help from the federal government. They only thing that I got from the federal government, when I was in business was more and more regulations that cost me more and more money. No one ever handed me a free ride or a free pass. The government has made such a mess of the country I will, at 65 years old, have to go back to work part time, but would never rely on the government for help. What is wrong with the Wall Street protesters thinking the same way? It is because they have a serious case of the give-me-s.

I was raised in a family with one brother and two sisters. We lived in a rented house. We were not, by a long way, what a person would called rich and most of the time we barely had enough money to make it from one week to the next, but we were taught the values that so many of the Wall Street protesters either have missed or were never taught. The key word here is “WORK”. I never depended on the government for anything. Everything that I have in this life I worked for it. (There is that key word again) I worked years for a electrician, who got his business the same way I did, by working for it. (There is the key word again)

The vast amount of people in this country work for the private sector, which cannot exist without profit. The government has bailed out the banks, the automobile industry, and just about everything else on the tax payer’s dime. Does the Wall street protesters want to be bailed out also? That is the way it seems! Some Democrat leaders such as Obama, Pelosi, Kerry, and others  are in support of these protesters.  Does the government think that bailouts should be for everybody? It is a sad fact when the federal government (that also includes Obama) wants to support and stand behind people that urinate and defecate on the public streets, trash the streets at the tax payers expense, block the streets so that others cannot get to their jobs and start altercations. Police are, also, put on overtime to keep the peace at these sites at the tax payer’s expense.

We already have a enormous welfare state, with all kinds of entitlements.  No one can legally ask about the immigration status of a public school student, (Thanks to the federal government) so Americans and non-Americans, including illegal aliens, already receive a public education at taxpayers' expense. Government possesses no money of its own. It raises money by taxing your income and everything else they can think of or by borrowing money from places like China or by printing more and more money, that in the end makes the dollar worth less and less. Can the federal government spend itself out of hard times? The bigger the government, the smaller the private sector and the slower any economic rebound will be. Most People can spend their money more wisely, economically and more caringly than the government can.

People value and spend their money more wisely when they work for it (there is that word again) and acquire it by their own efforts (This is, by the most of us, is known as work). There are real and direct consequences on a person for being wasteful with their own money, as opposed to when government waste your money for you.

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