Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Flat Tax

image With out question most Americans have a issue with the tax system that is in place now. (That is the ones that work for a living) It is a unfair tax. It puts a unfair burden on over half the taxes payers in this country Today, Americans are paying the highest taxes in the nation's history. The current tax system includes several unfair laws. It penalizes married couples by making them pay higher taxes than single individuals. And many Americans face a death tax that claims a significant portion of their estate after they die. We need to get rid or this confusing, unfair tax on our income and replace it with a simple flat tax of one low rate with no deductions or special interest loopholes. We should have a tax that all pays the same, no matter what your line of work is. In other words the bum on the street corner, the prostitute, the drug pusher, or the person who will not work even in a pie shop testing pies will have to pay their share. There will be no more spreading the wealth around.

There are more and more Americans that are saying the current tax system is a complete failure that causes problems to the nation's growth while allowing some people to pull strings and influences the system to get breaks that the average American worker can not get and we all know that is the truth. We need to do away with the income tax and going to a fair flat tax that is simple and fair to all Americans not just a few.

A flat tax is simple (Not complicated at all). The Flat Tax is a fair tax for all and it is good for our country. Instead of the 893 forms required by the current system, a flat tax would use only two forms that are the size of a post card,: one for labor income and the other for business and capital income. Unlike the current system, which discriminates based on the source, use, and level of income, a flat tax treats all taxpayers equally, fulfilling the "equal justice under law" principle engraved above the main entrance to the U.S. Supreme Court building. And unlike the current system, which punishes people for contributing to the nation's wealth, a flat tax would lower marginal tax rates and eliminate the tax bias against saving and investment, This will help to ensure better profits and better performance in a worldwide economy that is very competitive. Just break this Flat Tax down for your self and you will, as I did, it is a much better and a much fairer tax.

There have been a lot of flat tax proposals over the years, any of them are better than the income tax that we have now, because they fix the all the flaws of the Internal Revenue Code that seems to turn the screws on the most of us (the ones that want to work) more every year. The Flat tax is fair, and the tax forms would be easy to use. A flat tax has a single rate, which most of the time is less than twenty percent. The low, flat rate solves the problem of high tax rates for some by reducing and doing away with the penalties against productive behavior, such as work, risk taking, and entrepreneurship, which makes this country strong. It will make people work and will do away with a lot of freebies that the great society has created. With this fair tax it makes no difference who you are you will pay the same flat tax. Check out the benefits like I did and you will see how much better a flat tax would be.

If we had the flat tax we would not have to worry about Obama spreading our wealth around to the ones who will not work, to all the big corporations that our tax dollars are bailing out as we have less and less of our hard earned money.

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Heres some good informatin on the flat tax.

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