Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Obama Money Tree

Obama said "Some of the cuts in the budget he is putting together today are more painful than others,". Painful is the right word. Not to him but to the American tax payer and to the retired person that is living on retirement and to our children and their children. Outside of Washington, that's still a lot of money for most American tax payers who work hard every day. Nonetheless, after promising voters he would go through the budget line by line, Obama can't hide what remains a steady, even historic, rise in spending under his direction. His request will exceed $1.2 trillion. All this if passed will be the burden of the tax payer for generations to come. It seems to me that Obama thinks that money grows on trees. I would like to know where Obama has been hiding his money tree. Maybe he found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Obama's spending, and His pork package has gone overboard to say the least. Just last year in the news we read the US might lose their triple A credit rating and that was long before any kind of crazy Obama spending bill. Credit rating, as we all know in our personal lives, determines our ability to repay debt. And when the US is borrowing trillions to cover domestic deficits, even a part of a one percent increase has a huge cost burden for the tax payer. Not long ago the House passed a bill that included thousands of earmarked projects that amounted to another $410+ Billion. And now there is more news that Obama is seeking another $634 Billion to cover the Medicare project. All in all, the deficit has now swollen from 1.5 Trillion (initial estimate) to an ridiculous 1.75 Trillion with other spending measures surely to come! Where is the fiscal responsibility in all of this?

Not long ago Obama said in his speech to Congress that he doesn't want to create debts for our children and their children, but his actions don't seem to go along with his words. Spending our way out of a recession is not the solution in the short term. Also, the long term effects of amassing the level of debt required to fund these deficits will cripple the dollar to where it will not be any good at all. Pennies is all it will be worth by the time Obama gets done. Any small business person can see that as I did. Before I retired if I run my business like Obama and the congress is running this country I would have had nothing when I retired except debt. Only the people who think the government owes them something cannot see this.

Obama is selling the American people on this fact that he has to spend his was out of this economic crisis. However, spending money on social work programs is one thing, but spending money on liberal projects of his, all the pork projects, and a enormous Medicare system is simply irresponsible and not right. It is foolish, and reckless! For instance, his plan to give money to those who are not quite making their mortgage payments on time or not making them at all in order to help keep in them in their homes is not right. Even though some are losing their homes there are other ways to met this problem without handing out money like it grows on trees. Where is this money coming from that he wants to hand out so freely? The lenders their selves should have a policy or insurance in place to deal with this. Ninety seven per cent of Americans pay their mortgage on time and Obama is going to completely ignore them. He is a socialist who is saying one thing and doing another. One thing is right that he said: "He is going to spread our money around. What happen when people lost their homes years ago? They regrouped and started over again. They did not look for a hand out. They did not put their problems on the government. As I read more of American history about the policies that have shaped this great country I have not seen one time a president of this nation wanted to take hard earned money from working Americans and give it to the slothful, and lazy people who will not work. In the later part of this nation's history it was a chicken in every pot, then there was the great society, and now there is Obama wanting to spread the wealth around. The Anointed One should take some advice from two former presidents who were right on target with their statements to the American People. One was a democrat whose name was John Fitzgerald Kennedy who said: "ASK NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU, BUT WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY!" . Then there was Ronald Regan who said: "GOVERNMENT CAN NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM, GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM!" If you look at what is going on in our country right now you would see that these two former presidents are right in what they said and the anointed one should listen and think about that and so should all these people who are looking to Obama for government handouts. A country's wealth does not come from socialist policies that have been put into place by people like Obama who have not a clue as to what makes this country great. It comes from leaders who can see the vast potential of the American worker and the free enterprise of less government control. From leaders who say: "We will overcome this time of trouble by standing together and defeating the things that have come against us, not the mentality of our president government who slogan is: "Yes we can" give you what you need and "Yes we can" spread the wealth around. In closing this article I want to put forth this question: "At the present rate that Obama is going now will we have a free country at the end of four years?

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