Monday, May 25, 2009

The Failing News Papers

I read yesterday this editorial in The Star Democrat, " Newspapers too essential to fail". The reasons the writer of that editorial listed several things that were causing the news papers to fail and it seems to me that when they made the list they left the main reason out. Most newspapers are opinionated and lean to their own agenda as they did with the past election. Most news papers have their own agenda. American people want the truth right down the middle like they use to get it, strong, hard hitting and the facts, NOT THE NEWS REPORTER'S OPINION! News papers have a duty to print the truth and the facts about the real issues concerning this country, which by the way we seldom get anymore, only their opinions of it. In the last election the news reporters were doing everything they could to get Obama elected and if they could have, they would have shined his shoes. That is how one sided the news is anymore when it comes to the "REAL STORY" Let the news papers report and let us decide. Not the paper deciding for us. So in the end the news papers will still be here, the ones that are doing their reporting right. The biases papers will be gone. The best thing for the papers to do is leave their opinions in the opinion section and news straight down the middle on the front page. That my friend is the facts about newspapers.

The Gun is Not The Problem

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