Sunday, May 10, 2009

Closing Guantanamo

Obama's plan to close the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay is creating a dangerous case of putting the freedom of these thugs over our safety. Obama needs to tell the people where these terrorists will go after the detention center at Git Mo is closed. Does he even have a clue yet? We as American people have a right to know exactly what the anointed one plans to do with these terrorists, As Americans we don't want these terrorists in our n e i g h b o r -hood. Or anywhere close" Obama has promised to have the detention center for the terrorist closed by January. But the White House has yet to tell the American public where the over two hundred detainees will be sent. We as Americans need to keep a close eye on this. He wants the leader of Yemen's backing for a plan to send them to terrorist treatment centers in Saudi Arabia. The Yemen president wants the Yemen prisoners sent back to Yemen (so they can kill and behead again) The president has no plans for what to do with these killers except turn them loose and when he does, they will kill Americans again and there are some in his administration that has suggested some of these terrorist may come into and live in the United States. Having no solution as to where these killers are going and still closing the prison at Guantanamo is a unsafe risk with our safety here at home and our troops that are over there in harm's way. I have never heard of letting prisoners go before the war was over. Maybe it fits in with his: "I'm sorry America is so arrogant" policy.

The Gun is Not The Problem

( This article is a response by Bill Patchett to an article in the Star Democrat news paper dated February 18 , 2018. His response below ...