Monday, January 19, 2009

Thank You President Bush

From the first day President Bush sat in the oval office the democrats and the news media were out to get him. You will not see them doing the same things to Barack Obama when he is sworn into the office of president. You do not have to agree with me but it is so. No matter what President Bush did they found fought it, even saying that he worked out to much. Personally I think they carried their dislike for President Bush a little too far. If you supported President Bush you were not in the in crowd. If you put him down or trashed his politics then you were the in crowd and you were considered as a "Bush Hater" To trash Bush meant that you belonged. You were a part of the crowd, a good old boy. What a terrible state this country is in and what we have for a news service is not much in my opinion. A new organization is only a good news source when they report the news fair and balanced. The major news networks are no longer my starting place for the news anymore or even a place that I go to for it.

Remember when the TV News and the Newspapers put President Bush down for sending the troops to fight after 911? I remember and in my opinion it was not right
for them to do that and the same people who belittled Bush for sending troops to war because he only served in the National Guard somehow do not seem to notice Obama's complete lack of military experience which is none. Like I said nothing with the news papers or TV news is fair and balanced. President Bush made some strong decisions when those choices needed to be made. He did not just make a threat or have some bombs dropped. He took action with a strong hand. All Americans need to thank him for that. He was always straight forward with the American People.

This is not so with some, if not all, of the new leadership in Washington. Let me give you just one quick example. There are plenty I could give, but let's use this one: When the Democrats were pushing for withdraw, {I call it surrender}, in Iraq, and most of the polls supported a troop pullout. Bush instead pushed for more troops that have made all the difference in that war.
Vice President-elect Joe Biden said, "He voted for the war before he was against it". Now please tell me what kind of Vic president he is going to make. He made a trip to Iraq several weeks ago. While there, he promised the Iraqis that America would not withdraw troops in a way that undermines the safety of the Iraqi people. Do you remember at the beginning of the year that is precisely what Biden and the democrat party wanted to do. Is this talking out the both sides of your mouth or is this a man that just does not know what he is saying? He said before he was the Vic president pick that McCain would make a better president than Obama. Of course that is before he was Obama's running mate.

Bush showed America's enemies that the United States does not give ground or flee in fear, does not hit and run, but stays the course, and most important, does not abandon friendly governments that trust in the United States. During his two terms as president of this great country he was bold in the face of the enemy. He stood his ground against cowards that blew their self and many other innocent people up for a cause that only time and God will judge. Bush made a commitment to fight the terrorist and that he did. History will prove that. I'm so thankful that we had a president for the last eight years that had a back bone to make the tough decisions and although they might not have always been right, as he said, but he made the decision. That is a true leader.

A lot of people are blaming him for the nation's economy which is very close to a depression. It is true that he must shoulder some of the blame, but we have a liberal democrat congress that has to take a large part of the blame. It will be very interesting to see what our new president does over the next four years. In my opinion we have the worst on both counts, a liberal congress, and a liberal president with no restraints of what they can do. This makes for a pretty liberal mess for our country.

As I close this article I want to thank President Bush and his cabinet for a job well done in my opinion. They stood tall and that my friend is the American way.

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