Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Thoughts On Israel

Israel is God's Chosen People:
The greater part of this world may hate Israel, but if you are a Christian you know that the Jews are God's chosen people. Israel will never concede or give in to the hatred of this world. The more that I read God's Word the more I love and the more I'm devoted to Israel. What would The United States do if Canada or Mexico was firing rockets into this country and killing people? Would this country sit still and be patient as Israel is told to do? I hardly think so. Can you ever think how it would be if the neighboring states to the state that you lived in were sending suicide bombers to blow up you, you're family, and everybody that lived around you? How would you like to go to bed of a night and have rockets shot at your country with the purpose of murdering as many people as possible? This happens on a daily bases in Israel. It happens day after day. How would you like to live, in fear, like that? But hardly anything is ever said or heard about it because of the biased liberal newspapers. What needs to be said is this: It is not right for the Israelis to suffer like this and if the World as a whole does not stand up and do something to stop it then their turn will be next. We have already seen the hand writing on the wall on 911. England has tasted it as well along with some other countries. They have got a taste of what has been happening in the country of Israel on a daily bases for years.

Some news programs say that these countries are listed as revolutionary organizations. I say they are terrorists and murders! They do not place the same value on a human life as we do. When this country was in the revolutionary war I never once in all my reading and studying ever heard of anybody killing, butchering, and hurting innocent people and babies for their cause. What causes these actions? It is the powers of darkness and the only way to overcome this satanic power is with a strong hand and a power far superior to that satanic power. This power can only come from the Lord. The sad part about it is that most people in the world are so far away from Christ they do not realize this. But it is the truth. It will be only by the hand of God that Israel will be delivered from these Islamic Terrorist. Remember this: "God always has the last word!"

What this country needs is the determination that Israeli People have, that is to stand up and fight the terrorist. Israel will never surrender to the hatred of this world. As true Christians we should also never give up the fight and by all means we should support and pray for Israel. Many people say it is not the Jews they hate, it is Israel, LIARS! That is the same as talking out the both sides of your mouth. The truth is not in them. If you hate one then you hate the other.

Only those who are a devoted follower of the scriptures and study them know that no Camp David Peace Accord, no peace treaty, no cease fire, no handshakes, and no promises will ever stop this conflict. It has been a conflict between the Muslims and Israelis since Bible time and it will not end until the Prince of Peace ends it at His coming. Read the Book.If you study The Bible you will see that Israel will not lose in the end. God's people will never lose nor will God ever forsake them that He loves. Finally in closing I want to say this: I'm proud to be an American, proud to love the country of Israel, and most of all I'm proud to be called a Christian.

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