Friday, December 19, 2008

Home School Or Public School

WHY HOME SCHOOL? If you are one of the many people asking that question then you need to read this article. People sometimes ask why you would want to burden yourself down with teaching your kids at home. You make think that the education is not up to pare with the public school system or else you might think that there is no contact between other kids and these things will hurt them when they grow up and go out into the real world. I know because I have heard it all before. I have been close to the issue of home schooling over the years and I want to say this, Home schooling is a good alternative if a parent wants to go that way. In fact if I had kids of school age that is the way I would go. Here is the reason why.

I have two grandsons who are being homed schooled. My daughter in law is doing the teaching and if I may say is doing a great job. The kids are taught the government approved set of courses everyday and on most Fridays they meet with other kids who are homed schooled, from their church, and have interaction and communication with them. My grandsons live in a Christian home, which is another great thing. To my surprise my oldest grandson who is seven can read from the KJV Bible with near about complete ease. Now if you are asking me if he can do that with some other book, my answer is yes he can. He is just as good with the rest of the subjects which he is taking.

Why not public school? I personally do not think that he could do as well in a public school for a lot of reasons, the main one being that his teacher (my daughter-in-law) has only two people to teach, not 25 or 30 kids as the teachers in a public school system do. She will also show them more attention. I can remember when I went to public school some of the teachers showed a lot of favoritism and if you were not in favor then you had to get the learning just about on your own. Now some of you are going to say that it is not so, but to be fair and honest it is so. I’m not saying that all teachers show favoritism , because there are some dedicated teachers in the public school system who do a outstanding job and should be given a thumbs up, But some teachers do show favoritism. The teachers that do not show favoritism has to do more controlling over the class than they do teaching.

It is really hard and stressful on young kids in school these days. In fact I personally think that it could be dangerous also. I know now some of you are thinking that I’m stretching it, but am I? I have read several times in the past month or heard on the local TV news where different schools are on lock down. How many home school kids are on lock down in their homes when they are being home schooled?

The schools that we attended are not the same as they are now. When we went to school  the biggest problem was getting caught chewing gum in the hall or somebody getting caught smoking in the bathroom. We did not have a police officer guarding the hall, to keep things safe, like there are in schools today. We did not have gangs roaming the halls and controlling the school as most schools do now. We did not have disrespect for teacher like we do now. In most schools right now we have drugs of every type being sold and used right in the halls of our schools. But yet we have some liberals who are resisting the privilege of some people to give their kids a decent education at home where there is no violence or drugs. The stress on kids today in public schools is over whelming. Like what was brought forth earlier in this article when your child goes to school he is faced everyday with potential violence, drugs, peer pressure, and that is all before the class room study starts. Not so if they are homed schooled. The public school system, no matter what some people might say, can no longer ensure the safety of your kids or my grandkids. That is not only a general statement, but a statement of fact. Just look at the statistics.

I have no problem with anybody that wants to send their kids to the public school system. That is their choice and their right. But  parents have a choice and a right also to home school their children and nobody should have a problem with that, including the government. To each their own choice. After seeing the results of my grandkids learning in the home school environment and also knowing that they are much safer I’m am very proud of my son and daughter-in-law for making that choice. Thank the Lord that we live in a country that allows us that choice!

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