Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Great Pretender


A couple of days ago approximately fifty world leaders went to France to march as one in unity against Islamic extremism. Not included in this show of unity of world leaders was Obama or anyone from the White House. World leaders marched in solidarity while Obama watched a football game in the White House. Eric Holder was in Paris, he simply didn’t attend the rally.

Did you know that after 9/11, French President Jacques Chirac was the first foreign leader to visit the White House. He stood in unity with America. All that France has endured this past week, the Obama White House just sent the US Ambassador to France to attend the rally when should have been there his self. Do you remember, as I do, Obama sent three representatives to Mike Brown’s funeral this past summer and made a big issue about it. This speaks volumes about Obama.

This is the same administration that refused to call Benghazi a “terrorist attack.”This is the same administration that goes out of its way to avoid using the term “Islamic terrorism.” This is the same administration that renamed terrorist attacks as “man made disasters” This is the same administration that is more interested in releasing terrorists than keeping them off the battlefields. The facts are Barack Hussein Obama has proven that he is unwilling to fight Islamic terrorism.The fact that Barack Obama chose watching football over marching alongside other world leaders is shameful and it should tell other Americans something. Some Americans say that it is weakness, but when we really look it is not weakness. It can be called nothing less than the “Enemy Within”

In his book “THE AUDACITY OF HOPE” Obama said "if the political winds turn ugly, I will stand with the Muslims". That was his true feelings. In the same book he also said at around the age of 12 or 13 he renounced his mother's race and turned his back on his white heritage. He attended a radical Muslim school in Indonesia for 3 years.

Can our country stand until he is out of office or what is down the road in America’s future? Will there be another president? Will America recover and be strong once again?

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Tim Shey said...

Obama didn't attend the rally in Paris because he didn't want to offend his allies: the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, ISIS, French Muslims, etc.

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