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AMERICA – Guided By A Finger In The Wind

I will never understand why any American Democrat that has been elected to office and  truly has America at heart can support Obama? Where is their wisdom? Where is their honesty? Where is their patriotism and concern about the future of their country they were elected to represent? Obama followed a path to the White House that no other president has ever attempted to do. He virtually did nothing as an Illinois senator, and little, if anything, as a United States congressman. Unbelievably, he was never vetted for the presidency, That is a must for all presidents in America and he never has proved where he was born. Everything has been lying and cover-ups about it. He has kept his past under legal lock and Key. Why is that? Obama and his handlers, (yes, that is right, his handlers.)’ have been leading us down a premeditated and deliberate plan for America’s ruin. As a country we are going down the tube more every day. Everything Obama does is geared at the downfall of America. That is plain to see. Everything Obama does can only lead the American people to that conclusion. About how he deals with the illegal on the border to the terrorist he has a hard time doing anything and when he does, it is only a slap, no knockout punches. That is because it is all a part of bringing America down.
Then early in his presidency, he rushed through Obamacare, which has become a huge disaster for the American people and their health care. Who has not felt the sting of Obamacare except for him and people like Harry Reid. Our health system is being destroyed. The truly sad thing is we have been misled, lied to, and deceived, for starters! Now, because he has been allowed to do what he wants to do Obama has steadily ramped up his clear malfeasance in office into a progression of outrageous public abuses, one after another, while at the same time destroying America’s leadership position in the free world. By now it should be clear to every Republican, Democrat, every congressman, that the goal of this man is to destroy America. Just look at the job he has already done.
Finally, fellow Americans, we are now in a severe Middle Eastern religious war that Obama will not call a war, nor will he admit that the religion of Islam has anything to do with it. We as Americans are guided by a finger-in-the-wind. I say again Democrats, why are you still supporting this rolling train wreck? When does your country come first? Come help us save your country too!


Tim Shey said…
Very good post. The Lord puts people in power whom He wants. I believe the Lord put Obama in the White House to humiliate a wicked nation. Obama reminds me of King Ahab during the time of Elijah the Prophet. I noticed that the Attorney General, Eric Holder, has resigned. I am believing that in the near future Obama will resign, also.

"Vladimir Putin on Barack Obama"

"Obama Will Leave the White House"

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Thanks Tim. We are living in a godless country with godless leaders.

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