Wednesday, July 2, 2014


What an honor it has been for me and many other people to be an American, but the problem with me these past few years is the people in America are far from being who Americans really are and living by the precepts this country was founded on. It hurts me, and other Americans who believe in this country and how the founding fathers set it up, to see what is happening to our great nation. A nation that was founded one nation under God and the principles and laws found in God’s Holy Word.

In most places we are not be allowed to say a prayer at a public gathering, because we might offend someone. The truth is the people who do not want prayer as a part of their meetings should be more worried about offending our Creator. For He is the one who has blessed this country and made it work for over two hundred years. Now we offend people by saying the pledge of allegiance to our nation’s flag while illegal immigrants, in this country, display their nation’s flag and step all over ours. Prayer and any visual signs of our God are slowly being done away with. Only what we hide in our hearts will we be able to keep. The American people have been silent for too long.

The things that were once against the law are, in today’s world, now okay. It is now okay for the killing of millions of unborn babies, Homosexuals parading the streets, being married in churches, and in some cases standing behind the sacred desk. Americans may soon be able to choose to use either a men’s or a women’s bathroom when they go to a public place. Crosses are being taken off a lot of churches and they are now called campuses. We have a president that has said we are no longer a Christian nation. He said the constitution is flawed and out dated. It is time for Americans to wake up. They have been silent for too long.

It’s time to realize what is happening to our country. We need some powerful Americans (Godly Americans) in our government to begin to stand up for what the majority of the citizens want and believe in. As voters, we need to find out who they are and vote them into office. Don’t go along with elected officials just because they’ve been in office for a long time. They are part of the problem! Know who and what you are voting for.

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