Saturday, July 19, 2014

OBAMA- The Enemy From Within

Obama has the power to close the border and as president it is his job to do it, but I’m like most Americans, we know that he never will and In fact, he refuses to close the border. Any president this country ever had would have done that. At least to some degree. But he does nothing There is nothing in Obama's $3.7 billion request that secures our border and stops the illegals from crossing. "The American people must understand that this flood of illegals coming across our border is a crisis and Obama is the cause. This President's lawless action, such as DACA have caused this severe problem. By his actions he has clearly demonstrated to the American people that he is not bound or compelled by the Constitution or our great nation and will not take seriously his obligation, as president, to defend the United States borders. Why is that? It is part of his transformation process that will destroy this country.

"This crisis is destroying our communities and putting the burden on American taxpayers.  Right now there is an enticement for illegals to continue to pour across our border. It is called free stuff such as food, medical care, free housing, social security benefits all payed for by the tax payers and delivered to them by Mr. Obama. The only way to discourage and stop them is to seal our borders and send them back to where they come from. The best way to do this is for the Governors call up their National Guard units to secure the border. We must put a stop to this problem. By doing this it also commits the United States House of Representatives to fund the states for the cost of securing the border and protect Americans from the onslaught of illegals. By doing this It would also recognize and defend the constitutional authority of any governor’s right to deploy the National Guard to secure the border and protects people.

"In order to resolve the crisis on our southern border, we need to strictly enforce our immigration laws - something the Obama administration has failed to do. Ask yourself this question; “Why would a president of this country, not protect our borders?”There is a reason and an answer for that. The destruction of America as we know it. Securing our borders and deporting individuals who have arrived illegally sends a clear message that such behavior will not be rewarded with citizenship,.

The border problem is just one of the many problems facing this country. But the biggest problem we are facing this country is another year and a half of Obama. Will we have a country left after his term in office is up. I have said this in another post and I, personally, believe it to be true; Obama is not for the black race, the white race, or any other race. He is not for America. He is for the destruction of America.

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