Tuesday, July 16, 2013

AMERICA: Or A Banana Republic

The question that needs to be put forth to the American people is this, were there any winners in the trial of George Zimmerman. Did Zimmerman really win? The answer to that question I’m afraid to say is no! The only question is really this, about the damage that has been done to the judicial system of our country. Will it be brief and temporary or will it be far beyond repair. Legally speaking, The jury found Zimmerman not guilty and he has received his freedom. That in my opinion should be the end of the matter. But the big issue for all Americans to look at is this - He can still be sued in a civil court and you know that is coming. Zimmerman and his family will probably never be safe to live their life in peace on this earth ever again, such as they had before this bogus trail made Zimmerman the focal point of national attention and the orchestrated hate of some people.

But even more important than the destiny and the fate of Zimmerman, is the future or the doom of the American justice system and of the American public’s faith in that court system and in the laws and leader of our country. The American people who have been asking more and more during the chaos of the Obama administration, “Is this still America that is the home of the brave and the free?” may feel determine that there is some relief from Obama and his corrupt dealings after the verdict in the Zimmerman trail, but they had better look out!

Just the very fact that this case was brought in the first place is a puzzle, because of the absence of serious evidence and hard facts to prove George Zimmerman guilty. The police said there was not enough evidence and it became ever more utterly obvious as the prosecution did its best to try to come up with anything at all that was creditable of a murder trial and they could not do this.

The political distortion and the twisting of the justice system about this trial started early and as we all know (or should know) started at the top, with Obama. A blind man could easily see that. Unlike other public officials of this country who refuse to comment on criminal cases that have not yet been tried in court, Obama spoke out and said, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” Obama is a smooth and deceiving person who uses different situations to promote his kingship. It was a clever way to play the race card, and look what has happen because of it. Riots all across the nation, threats made to Zimmerman. Obama has played the race card before like  when professor Henry Louis Gates of Harvard was arrested for violating the law.

But the problem with our fearless leader did not stop there. After the police in Florida conducted a investigation into the complaint about Zimmerman and found not enough evidence to ask for Zimmerman to be prosecuted, the Obama administration sent the Justice Department investigators to Sanford, Florida, and also used the taxpayers’ money to finance local activists who agitated publicly and behind the scenes for Zimmerman to be arrested. What is our federal government coming to? It sounds like the government of a banana republic.

The political intervention and involvement did not end with the federal government. The city manager at Sanford intervened to prevent the standard police procedures from being followed. Time to wake up America!  The only real heroes in this trial were the jurors. Why do I say this? Because they showed the world and the American people that this is still America. Well, at least for now it is anyway. They weighed the evidence and asked questions and took their time in deliberating the verdict that they gave.

Regardless of the politicians, no matter if it is the president, state, or local politicians, who try to taint and corrupt the law for their purpose. All Americans should remember this and also know that we live in America and not some third world country that twist and turn the laws as they want them at the time.

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