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AMERICA: Here Is Your Wake Up Call!

What is happening to the country that we all love? As the American people draw near the first six months of Obama’s second term, his record causes many concerns for most people. In just six months, we have been hit with a foreign policy (What foreign policy) that is beyond reason and is a disaster, numerous scandals, postponing his worthless health care (Obamacare), while still not getting any information on “Fast and Furious” as well as the killing of the Ambassador in Benghazi. If this is what we see in the first six months, what are we in for for the remainder of his second term?

In all of this we have a president that is totally disengaged and disconnected from the real issues, a vice president that is continuing to make outlandish and absurd comments, the secretary of state is sailing while Egypt is exploding, and the attorney general (Holder) does not know anything about anything. In foreign affairs, Obama has pursued a policy that can only be described as hiding and not making any use of America’s vanishing power.

The world makes fun of us and disregards what we say. After supporting the overthrow of Mubarak, the president supported the candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood (People who hate us) who while elected created a new constitution, requested the release of the man who led the early attack on the World Trade Center and clearly was against the United States. When his own people rose up to force him out of office seeking more freedom from the brotherhood, our president acted as if the people that were trying to hold our views were wrong. In Syria, Obama said that Hassad would be gone in two years, but now he is giving too little and too late support to the groups trying to remove this evil in our world. Now it is evil against evil there. No matter who he chooses they will be against us.

Obama’s comment that he should not have to talk with foreign leaders is an example of his arrogance and his abuse of power. He is not God even though he might think that he is. I have never feared my government up until now; in fact, I love my country and the presidents that led it. I had some strong disagreements with their policies, but I was awed by the leadership they provided. The one thing I was sure of was that my government was there to protect me. The actions of Obama do not allow me to feel safe from my government anymore. Under Obama the government is too big and controls most of our life. Obama and his policies are tearing our country apart.

The IRS scandal makes it clear that when Obama attacks the tea party movement then a number of people take that as their marching orders and stop opposition groups (those that oppose Obama’s policies) from gaining their rights to free descent. If you do not agree with the president, then you can be audited. If you lead an opposition group, they can ask for your emails, what films you watch and the leaders can have their personal and their businesses audited by the most feared part of government. The president states that he knew nothing about the report of IRS abuses while his chief of staff and his Treasury secretary did know. Can you believe that? Well you can believe it if you want but as far as I’m concerned and a lot of other people he knew and more likely was behind it.

The NSA is now monitoring all of the cell phones we have. This was started by President Bush to monitor telephone calls to foreign locations, but this administration under Obama expanded their power. The freedom of the press has come into question. If a reporter questions the policies of Obama he or she can be targets approved by the attorney general (Holder) to monitor their lives. The attorney general then lies to the Congress about his knowledge.Whole groups like the AP and Fox can be subject to investigation. Is this America where we can now have drones flying overhead monitoring our actions? We must speak out constantly in opposition to this abuse of power and protect our freedom or the government will take it from us. They have taken most of it now.


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