Friday, August 24, 2012

Honoring Our Heroes!


Besides studying the Bible, which is my favorite book, I have also studied the the major wars this country has been involved in. World War Two has been my favorite one to study. But all of them, WW1, the Korean War, The Vietnam war, and the wars that are being fought today are also, all, eye opening. When you measure the cost of war in the blood and loss of life a person can soon see why war is so terrible. As I read and studied World War Two I was so thankful, I did not have to live through the terror of it, even here on the home front.  I have studied the videos and history books to learn about some of the horrors of that terrible war, and I have come to this conclusion about World War II. The following is my personal opinion: My view of World War Two is ...”it was sufficient and adequate for the good people of this world to survive!” To keep us free it had to happen.

Anyone who survived WWII was ahead of millions of others who did not survive. It was a horrible war. Though a person lost his family and his country; though his hometown was wiped off of the face of the planet; if he survived, he was better off than vast numbers of non-survivors. The ones who died in the concentration camps, the many gas chambers, on the battle fields, and all the bombing of cities. They may have lost a hand, a leg and or an eye, but they survived. Some will object to this article and say it is too gruesome, but war is gruesome, and the fact is that war was horrible. The generation of WWII veterans, who are swiftly leaving us, experienced a horror that changed their lives. We need to give honor where honor is due. Americans are still a free people because of these heroes! Those brave men who fought, spilled their blood, and died to to set people free from the oppression that was upon the world. It was total war. During that war the leaders of Germany and Japan just did not have no value on a human life.

As I put all this in retrospect that great war {WW2} I am concerned about this “new version” of America in which we now live in. It is just plain scary! Our younger generation has no clue. How many of this younger generation know what Memorial Day or The fourth of July is. To most of them it is just another holiday to go to the beach or party. They have no clue.They are lost to all the horror that was inflicted on the world. I wonder if the younger generations understand and realize that it was Almighty God, and by His Grace, who favored America and her allies with great and important victories on V-E Day {Victory in Europe} and V-J Day {victory in Japan}?  I wonder has anyone told them about the great rejoicing, patriotism, prayers of thanks, and the relief that our senior citizens experienced when our country literary closed down for two days to explode in excitement and thanks to God for answers to their prayers? There was great rejoicing. This was {and still should be} the true America of today. But you can expect that most young Americans, today, would only stop and  pause for a few seconds from playing their favorite video game to respond with a casual and unconcerned question: “What is V-E Day and V-J Day anyway?” How sad that our country has come to that.

What was once fought on the battle fields outside our country to keep us free is now being fought from within the walls and the confines of our great country, What brave men fought for and died for is now creeping upon us and is being excepted by our younger Generation. We have leaders in the highest branches of our government who are promoting everything from communism to fascism, to Sharia Law. I call these people “THE ENEMY FROM WITHIN”. We, as Americans are losing what our brave men fought and died for. Our kids have no value of what has made us a free nation. We must never forget the founding values of this great country and the men who were maimed, spilt their blood, and died to keep our country that light on the shinning hill. I give honor were honor is do and that is to those brave men of our Military who have served or are now serving. God bless the USA!

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