Friday, June 1, 2012


Since the election of Barrack Hussein Obama the American people has been steady losing ground, mostly in their finances and liberties. We have suffered our deepest recession since the Great Depression. Since jobs and the economy are our priorities, we may want to ask a simple question: Whose leadership results in prosperity? When I look at this present administration I do not see jobs being created, only more food stamps handed out. After three years in office it is still: “Blame Bush”. Results do matter and we are just not seeing any here. During the past 30 years we have had for the most part Republican leadership and more Republican majorities in our legislature than at any time since the Depression. They gave us tax cuts and deregulation. We also got more jobs, had less poverty, less government and lower crime rates, Most of the time it was prosperity for the millions of Americans who believed in the values of this great country.  But under Obama that is not so any more!
Since the three years that Obama has been in office we can see a declining infrastructure, failing banks by the scores, bigger government.  Banks closing everyday and a record-breaking recession. Democrat administrations have created most of our national debt with their great society and their give aways. Obama’s 41 percent increase in the national debt is due primarily to the recession which he makes worse every day.  Because of him we have more food stamps used today than ever before. We have more poverty than ever before. What we have is a food stamp president.
We have not had such extreme income gap or tax rates like this since the democrats led us into the Great Depression and from there it was the great Society. Democrats always increased spending and cause financial disaster with their big government and their give aways. It was the democrat congress that put the social security in jeopardy by borrowing from it, promising to replace it and it was never replaced. It was not their money to borrow in the first place.
What we need to do is fire about 500,000 government employees (Starting with Obama) and we’d have less unemployment, less people depending on food stamps and the system. This president is digging a far deeper hole; we were once a “Can-Do-Nation. Now most of the people are just angry. Obama’s efforts to “drown this economy in a bathtub” are causing number of Americans to circle the drain. Democratic leadership, under Obama consistently results in fewer jobs, and more food stamps.  We need a leader who will create less debt and bring us more prosperity. Democrats do what they do best, blame the opposition (It’s Bushes’ fault) and complain the recoveries aren’t fast enough because of the Republican agenda. Not So!
Since Obama has been elected we see government control over Banks, auto manufactures, we cannot drill for oil off our own coast, but he lends money to other countries so they can drill where we cannot and then we by the oil from them. What is wrong with that picture?  Obama is doing away with coal and who is buying up all the coal: CHINA, making another burden on the American people of loss jobs and higher heating and utility prices.
Obama seems as if he wants this country to fail. By everything that he does you can see this country being dismantled more all the time.  It is most important for all of us that want to see a better America go to the poles and vote this man out at the upcoming election.  Another four years of Obama and there will be no more America.

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