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THE Blatant Violation Of The 1st Amendment‏

It cannot be emphasize strongly enough how important it is that Americans understand that the current Obama Care mandate battle is much larger than just a contraceptive or abortion issue. It goes way beyond that. It is just another part of Obama’s dismantling of America. Our liberties are fast leaving us, as most Americans have this attitude: Let us eat and drink because tomorrow we may die! As I see it, here is the focus point and the center of the problem:
President Obama and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius are telling religious organizations and people of faith (God fearing people) that we must violate and go against our religious convictions and core beliefs in order to adhere and stick to the latest Obama Care mandate.  This is a blatant, unashamed, deliberate, and barefaced violation of our First Amendment rights!  Obama said before he was elected that his administration would be transparent. I thought that was a joke, but he is not hiding anything about this.
Obama’s view of the government’s role in our healthcare decision making is truly frightening.  It should scare every American. He, in fact, thinks his abortion agenda tops every American’s absolute and inalienable right to religious liberty!  This man is taking (or trying to) our rights from us faster than they were given to us. It is time to stop being a silent majority and stand up and be counted before we cannot do anything to preserve our freedoms as Americans, because this man is steady taking them from us!
On its face value, Obama Care is a dangerous and treacherous federal government invasion into our personal rights. If Obama Care is allowed to stand, our religious liberty and freedom of conscience will be subject to the whims of federal bureaucrats. We will not have any freedom. I believe that this is what this man wants!  It is time for sleeping Americans to wake up and say enough is enough.
Whatever the Obama may think, this is exactly the type of tyranny and oppression that our founding fathers fought and died to prevent!  With these kinds of decisions coming from him, it is making him a dictator that is ruling over us and not governing as the people want or elected him to do.


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