Thursday, October 13, 2011

FOUR MORE YEARS: And No More America!

Is the United States heading toward a redistribution of wealth? Where would the resources and money come from for a sustainable economy? Or, as it appears to a lot of us, is the Obama administration advancing more deeply toward socialism? The answer is yes! The idea or theory looks good on paper or in some bureaucrat's mind, but it has been unsuccessful throughout all of history.  We cannot have this form of government or a president that promotes such! Obama is taking this nation there as fast as he can. Another four years of him and we will be calling each other comrades, all driving the same kind of cars, wearing the same clothes, looking for the government for everything. No one will be able to strive to make their self better because the government will control every aspect of our lives. We do not need this and we do not need Comrade Obama!
Lately, Obama can't seem to read a single sentence off his teleprompter without uttering the word "jobs." It's odd, now that the country is gearing up for a presidential election, that his focus is, suddenly, on job creation; the issue must have magically appeared overnight since he all but ignored it for nearly three years (because he wanted to ignore it) as he focused on taking over car companies, promoting uneconomical green nonsense, nationalizing health care, and running all over the world apologizing to people who hate our guts. This is not a American leader! He needs to go back being a community organizer because as a president of this great nation he is not much! It is my opinion he knows exactly what he is doing. He wants this country to fail. When a leader tries to divide people, instead of bring them together, there is something out of place and wrong.  What is that old saying: “Divide and conquer”.  Obama is doing a good job of just that!
Approval for Obama as well as Congress and the federal government are at or near historical low points. Citizens (the taxpayers who pay their salary) are protesting their greed and civic inequality during the dissatisfaction of our so-called "American Autumn," which is now spreading from Wall Street nationwide. This is exactly what Obama wants, division in this country.  Many people, like me, have given up on our national leaders, and on those elected or appointed to serve us, as self-focused, overly-political, greedy and willing to do anything to keep their jobs. So that I’m not politically correct with my wording. We see this in all the give aways at the tax payer’s expense, The do nothing actions to our unsecured borders, the illegal alien problem, the Islamic terrorist problem that grows every day and he has yet to promote a jobs plan to get the economy moving again. All he is promoting is the same old thing, raise taxes and penalizing the people who are hard workers and have made their self what they are.  
I said all that but I would remind my fellow Americans that there are many exceptions where American citizens serve selflessly in the public interest, often for no money or far less money than they could earn elsewhere. These are many people who devote their lives to public service, who are committed to the public good and march to a higher calling than the one that is being put out by Obama and his cronies.
In my opinion we have a liar in the White house. We know not where he was born, what his true calling is. Is he a communist, Christian or a Muslim. What is he? I do not care what a man or his philosophy is but I sure do not want anyone in the White House that has views such as his, because they go against what this country was founded on.
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