Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Who Are The Extremists? - you decide!

I have noticed, a lot lately, the persistent efforts of the establishment (that includes the some established Republicans as well as the left) to portray mainstream conservatives, especially those who are in the tea-party movement, as radicals and extremists. The sad fact is the more they push this message, the more they marginalize themselves from mainstream America. The establishment is losing their touch, so who are the extremist?
We all remember when Obama's Defense Department released a manual distinguishing protests" as a form of low-level terrorism and characterizing them as such. Obama's Department of Homeland Security issued a report characterizing protesters as potentially dangerous right-wing extremists and racists, being sure to slander disgruntled veterans returning from duty overseas as part of that frightful mix. Also unforgettable is Obama's flat out disrespect of small-town people who he classified as bitter people clinging to their guns and Bibles. We all can (I know I can) learn a lot about people from what they like and do not like. These people including, Obama, bring out a great deal about themselves when they call people who are patriotic Americans, extremists and bitter people. The people who believe in;

  • The rule of law– that is to govern this land, applied to all people not just for the benefit of certain people.

  • Lower taxes- by less government spending and putting more money in the tax payers pocket.

  • Balancing the budget - by doing away with a lot of entitlement programs for people who want to use the system and doing away with all the pork projects.

  • A strong national defense– not a strong offense! Not bowing to heads of other nations, not calling terrorism a made made disaster, but calling it is what it is and that is an attack against a free nation.

  • Limited government– no czars, doing away with about half the federal agencies that we have now and stream line the ones that are left.

  • The Second Amendment- No gun control for honest law abiding people. Just stiff prison terms for people that use guns to commit crimes. It is sad when the home owner or store owner gets into more trouble shooting an armed burglar than the burglar.

  • The free market- Stop burdening small businesses with taxes, fees, rules and so many regulations that they can no longer compete

  • Protection of unborn babies-stop killing unborn babies that have no way of protecting their self. Give unborn babies the same rights are we give dangered species of animals in this country.

  • People who believe in law and order- if you do the crime you are going to do the time.

  • Protecting our borders - Stopping illegal immigration and the terrorist that are coming across our borders. Put the man power there that is needed to stop it and remove the illegals that are here now.

  • All men are created equal– no matter what your skin color is you are an American and you are a equal in all things.

  • And yes we can not leave out “ THE APPLE PIE
That just about sums up what and who the tea party people are in my view. That is not extremists. They are just about American as you can get! If you were to research the facts you would find that there are just about two times as many American voters who say they are conservatives than people who say they are liberals, and conservatives mostly believe in those things that are listed above. So how are they extremist?Tea party protesters are not extremists, they are peaceful people. The only time you see or hear of any violence at any of their protests or rallies is when liberals send in their union hoods to stir up trouble or to camouflage their selfs as conservative people who are there. The only time you'll hear about racism at one of the Tea Party events is when leftists and liberals play the race card and manufacture events. The problem with this is there is a abundance of all races at the Tea Party events. If a person listens to Nancy Pelosi she says that she was "very happy" with the elections results because they showed that extremists in the tea-party movement are dominating Republican primaries. She has no clue! She has fell off that turnip truck years ago. This is a person who is a leader and law maker in this country! Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski said in her concession speech, following her defeat, that the Republican Party has been "hijacked by the Tea Party Express”, which she called an outside extremist group. Oh really, Senator Murkowski, the Tea Partier are extremists. How do you get that?
Obama is utterly insulting to most of the American people about their explicit wishes. About the path that this country should take. That is because he is a big time narcissist. He is, always, entirely overbearing in his answer to the objections by the people to most of his agenda that he has put in place. When the majority of the American people rejected his health care bill, he did not care about what they wanted. Obama didn't say, "I hear you loud and clear, my fellow Americans." He did not and still does not care what the people think or want. It makes no difference to him because it is what he wants, forget about the American people! It is like he is the supreme ruler and what he says is it. We the people have no say with him. He has been on TV and been on more vacations than any American president before him. Is he a movie star or our president? Look at the failure of his stimulus package. Where did all that money go because it sure did not help our economy. We are no better off now than before it was passed. Now he wants another stimulus when the first one did not help. So please tell me who is more extreme? Is it our new ruler (King Obama and his enablers) who are;

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