Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It is Bush’s Fault!



For the past two years, since Obama has been in office, all we hear is that Bush has caused the problems that this nation is facing. Is it really Bush’s fault because this country is where it is at today or is it the failed policies of the Obama administration. We are now two years into Obama's presidency and all we hear is that it is, still, Bush’s fault. Really! How much longer will it be Bush’s fault? We now have a president that thinks big government is the answer to all our problems. We have seen in the last two years more stimulus packages (most of the money has not been spent and most, not all, of the money that has been spent has gone to worthless projects that will not help the economy recover.) We have the biggest spending and the biggest deficits, ever, in this nation’s history. Spending, by the federal government, has gone thru the roof. The worthless programs that have been put into place, by Obama, has done nothing to help this economy, but rather has made it worse. So the best thing to do is blame it on Bush. It is Bush’s fault. That is the foremost policy of the Obama administration when things go wrong for them. Blame it on Bush!


This past Monday was the second Labor Day since Obama has been president , and the working people in this country has little to show for it other than thru the roof unemployment, wages that are going nowhere. The confidence that the American worker has in the future is just not there. Things like the, over the top, deficit for the last two years and the passing of Obama care has put a damper in the workers future. Due to these things it is hard for small business to keep workers employed let alone create new jobs. No wonder American confidence and expectation in the future is disappearing. And when confidence crumbles, consumers won't spend, lenders won't lend, investors won't invest, and businesses won't hire. It is simple as that. That is the way it always have been. As long as Obama takes money from the working people and give it to the people who will not work things will never look good.

Today we see businesses holding on to the money, rather than hiring. The small businesses that are still willing to take a chance and take on more obligations and barrowing money to expand are having enormous difficulty finding credit to expand and to make those new jobs. The people who we have elected as our politicians have promised a "summer of recovery", but they and their promises have delivered nothing to help us, we have nothing but economic sadness and depression. Most economic indicators in the last few months has been very disappointing—when they haven't been downright gloomy and depressing. But any kind of recovery, at all, will not happen and will never happen with the policies and the strategy that is coming out of Washington with Obama and his policies. In the last twenty months Obama has made an huge push to increase government spending and taxes. How will that ever help getting this country back on its feet. We are burning day light here. You cannot just keep on printing money to get us out of the mess we are in and blaming Bush will not help. Let us face facts. It is Obama’s lack of leadership and failures that has put us where we are today. Things might have been getting bad when he came into office, but he has had two years to turn things around and he is putting this nation in the hole more all the time.

Most Americans seem to be facing up to Obama’s failure much faster now. Thanks to the Internet, blogs that seek the truth and the increase of news resources on radio and television, Such as Fox News, it is frequently recognized that the current tax-and-spend policies of Obama and his buddies are holding back this country’s financial and economic recovery. Sometimes I think, as well as a lot of other people, That Obama does not want a recovery. Sometimes I think that he wants a country, who’s people, depends on the government for everything. I call it the Obama plantation, The first step, that must be taken, in turning around Obama’s failure is to face up fact that he and his democrat congress are getting the American people in deeper all the time. The second step is to vote him and every liberal democrat out as soon as possible. We must realize the fact that this country cannot spend a whole decade, as we did in the 1970s, compounding economic disaster upon economic tragedy. Facts may not hold back harmful and damaging agendas in our nation’s capital, but a politically aware electorate (People who have the legal right to vote) can disrupt and overturn the wrong-minded political, socialist, policies that Obama is, or wants to put into place.

The men and women who make up the American work force are a millions more reasons that we can be certain and confident in the future of this great country. Our private-sector work force, not the government, is the most industrious, pioneering, inventive, productive and determined in the world. The real working Americans are go-getters. We can overcome the government policies currently that are restraining and holding us back.

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