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Sarah Palin

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After reading  some of the left wing blogs, about Sarah Palin, over the course of being snowed in this week- end I just cannot think of one reason that they would be treating the picture of her reading something wrote on the palm of her hand as if was a nation security problem. I do not see any problem with her jotting a note down on the palm of her hand. They act like she was cheating with a cheat sheet. What was wrote on her hand as you can clearly see are “Taxes and Lift America’s Spirits. Now that is some cheat sheet.

Most likely that is in retaliation for all the right wing conservative jokes that were put out on the blogs about Obama and his teleprompter. I have made many of them. But the problem is the left wing bloggers are missing the reason why the teleprompter jokes caught on. Why they were there in the first place. There is a big difference between a teleprompter and someone writing a few words in the palm of their hand. A prompter feeds the remarks to the speaker word for word. The idea that you would need such a device at all is mind boggling to me. But yet Obama does not speak anywhere that he does not use a teleprompter even when he talks to a room full of sixth graders or a meeting of his own staff. Now that is something funny enough to make you laugh. I cannot put that on the level of national security no matter how I spin it.

The teleprompter jokes became big time because they stress and emphasize the basic argument that Obama is in way over his head, because they show that he cannot perform the most basic elementary public-speaking duties without a big back up system. Making speeches to groups of people of any size he cannot do without a teleprompter.

I'm not sure what practical argument the note on the palm of Sarah Palin's hand are supposed to call attention to, and the more I think about the articles I realize that it's not an argument so much as arrogance. These left wing bloggers have an attitude, and would have you believe, that writing on your hand is dumb and low-class. The left already have this opinion of Sarah Palin; anything which highlights and supports it will be picked up on and passed around the blogs. The right wing bloggers could say she is not like Obama who needs a teleprompter to get going in the morning, Sarah Palin speaks from notes that are to the point like everybody else. And, like most she at times jots down notes on the palm of her hand." That is far from speaking every word from a teleprompter.


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