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The More I Read


clip_image003The more that I read and look into Obama‘s past the more I truly believe that he wants to dismantle this country piece by piece, and he has been unwavering in do just that ever since he has been in the oval office. I believe that he, and his wife, hates this country and everything it stands for and that he will do everything in his power to destroy it. If you think that I'm wrong or dislike the man then you really need to look at bits and pieces of the puzzle surrounding him, and then put together all the pieces of the great Obama puzzle. To me and millions of other Americans it is very clear as to what his true intentions are.

First he is a globalist and more ambitious than we will really ever know. Many people, including me, wonder why he is running America into the ground; why he is governing from so far to the left that he is just about to fall off the platform. The reason is, I believe and so does other Americans, that he’s not happy to remain President of the United States. He doesn’t even like our country and that’s why he’s working so tirelessly to transform it. And once he’s transformed it, I have an idea that he’d like nothing better than to rule the world as Secretary General of the United Nations. (Or some other title or royal label not yet invented.) King Obama maybe. I admit that I could be wrong. It’s just a disgusting, sickening, horrible feeling in my gut. Like someone hitting me in the back of the head with a shovel. From the books that he has wrote, to the church he attended, to his associates, like Bill Ayers the home grown terrorist, who just recently said that he would do the same things again, to Reverend Wright his spiritual advisor {who’s prayer is for God to: “GOD D_ MN America”}, to some of his mentors, who are known communist, some of his czars and cabinet appointees who are known socialist, we can see a lot of the pieces, to the Obama puzzle coming together. He has a wife, the first lady of this country, that disliked this country until her husband was elected to the oval office. What was it she said? “America is a mean country” but she has the largest group of people, ever assembled, in the White House, that wait on her hand and foot. No first lady had so many people to wait on them and the taxpayer is picking up the bill. Check the facts for yourself.

After his State of the Union speech I have decided he will, in his mind, always be right. He will never do what the general population of America wants, but he will continue down his socialized pathetic path that he is going on.  I quote from his glorious speech “…I promised I wouldn’t just do what was popular; I would do what was necessary”. These are words from King Obama as he gave his State of The Union Address.  Obama is going to do what he sees as necessary. America, I hope you like what he sees. I don’t. Does he not understand who he works for?  If not let me tell you, it’s the American people but I guess that does not matter. Obama campaigned on “Change We Can Believe In” Here is a change that we as Americans can believe in: “CHANGE WHO IS PRESIDENT AT ELECTION TIME”.

The main thing with Obama is that he deceived and lied to people, especially the people who live near or at the poverty level. Now mclip_image006any of these people see him for just what he is and that is not the messiah. They see him as a liar and a deceiver. Some of these people thought that they would never again have to pay a car payment, or pay anything for that matter. They were waiting and still are for Obama to spread the wealth around. They thought if Obama got elected all their troubles would be over. A lot of those videos were aired on U Tube before, during, and for a while after the election. What you did not see on U Tube the news media finished. They did everything but call him the messiah, the savior, the king, and a lot of other names. Now some of these news reporters have jumped ship. Obama used these weapons of mass deception to deceive the majority of the American people.


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