Saturday, December 19, 2009

I was Thinking

I was thinking how we are so lucky that we live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. But I wonder the way things are going how much longer we will be free men and women. During my 64 years of life I have seen more and more laws passed and more regulations passed that no matter what you do there is a regulation or law to deal with and there is less and less freedom. It seems like we are working for the government instead of government working for us. Now that is sure mixed up. How simple life was in this country years ago. It was the way our fore fathers wanted it to be. But now this country reminds me of how the Pharisees in Bible times took a few of God's laws and made mountains more. Some of them being so silly. That is the same way it is in this country today. There are new laws just about every day for just about everything. Some politicians are always trying to take away every one of our rights, or most of them, that was a promise and assurance in the constitution framed by our fore fathers in the first ten amendments. The government wants to stop and put a end to your rights to own and use weapons for your own protection. They want to tell you what you can and can't read. They want to control how you spend the money you make.  They want to tell you how to pray {don't mention the name of Jesus} and when to pray and where you can't pray.  It seems like every piece of freedom they want to take away, and they are doing it while telling you it's for your own good, or for the good of everybody. Slowly but surely our freedom is eroding right before our eyes and people who want to be politically correct will not say a word. I believed they are called "THE SILENT MAJORITY"

You don't think it can happen here without at least a world war? Please don't kid yourself. Our nation's capitol is packed full with politicians {some Republican and some Democrats} who would love to trade a large part of your freedom and mind for promises to make life a bit easier, safer, or more secure. What's worse, there are a lot of our fellow Americans out there that want that kind of trade, as long as they get to be the ones that benefit. Just make sure it's only the blacks, or the Jews, or the bankers, or the farmers, or the people that like to wear cowboy boots and carry shotguns and rifles in their pickups that get stomped on, and they'll sign up right away for the great crusade. That is a fact even if you who are reading this do not want to say it is truth. Well it is true and down in your heart you know I'm right. We need to wake up to this fact of truth! We are ever so slowly becoming a nation that no longer is free.

If it's not enough that we have to put up with the bull crap from all the politicians in our country, from within, we still have  all those other insane people from without, the Communist, Iran, Hamas, The Taliban,  terrorist, and who knows who else from without. They won't even bother with trying it through political means. They're waiting for one slip in our defenses and they'll be only so great full to come on in and take our freedoms away by force. Or maybe, just maybe, the police, or as our new president wants, his own security force,  will come around with a piece of paper in their hand and tell you how sorry they are while they take your target pistol, your hunting rifles, and your child's 410 shotgun or 22 rifle. Then what will be next? These are real questions I'm asking to real Americans.

The only reasons for our government and why it was formed was  the protection of the citizens from criminals and  attacks from other countries, and for them to make laws for such things as property ownership, as well as methods to legally settle disputes between citizens, defend the environment, and assure public health and safety. These founding fathers were good decent people who depended on a higher power to help them with the writing of our constitution and to carry out its concepts. In other words they put God in everything they did and said, for our early law makers knew they needed His divine guidance in all the judgments they made. If you read their  biography and writings they invoke God's name, in everything they did, more than once. What has happen to our Politicians who are in office today? God cannot help make any laws and judgments' today because He is not allowed in our government building. He is not wanted. Our politicians saw to that and some of their special interest groups were their backers.

In my humble opinion it is because these politicians in no way are like our founding fathers. In order to ensure their continued employment in the elected office, that they hold, today's politicians have tried to instill in our minds that the majority must always rule. Once the politicians have the idea of majority rule sold, they are now set to get votes by promising all sorts of things to certain groups of people. Of course all those things have to be paid for by taxing or and not giving opportunities to a whole lot of people that get none of the benefit of their promises. We already have and pretty  soon will see even more welfare programs, high taxes, legislation restricting some peoples way of life.

We still have free elections, but we all know that they bought with money from special interest groups. It is the candidate with the most money who wins. We have Laws that are only made by elected officials and they only listen to special interest group and the tax payers are left hanging. There is freedom of the press,  freedom to assemble, freedom of religion, and freedom to petition the government. The problem is that as politicians grant more and more privileges to different groups, we find ourselves increasingly less in control of our own lives and tied up in laws, taxes, and regulations governing everything we do. More and more, decisions are taken away from you and the decisions are made by the government and not by the people. You're told what you can or can not do to the place you own, what you must do to have a business, where you can buy a gun and what you have to show to get it, and how long you have to wait before you buy it. Every time the politicians pass a law giving some groups special privileges, everybody else is told it is all for the common good, even if you lose some of your rights as a American Citizen. For example we now have a law for hate crimes. That is so not needed and never was needed. If anybody assaults, maims, hurt or kills a certain group of people it is now a hate crime. That law was made by politicians for no other reason than to get that groups votes. We already have laws to deal with these crimes and it is for all Americans, not just a certain group of people. Why pass a special law because there is a certain group of people who want it? It is for that groups support and vote. That's okay, my friend, because with most of our politicians, it's majority rule that counts, not freedom, not what is right. The time will finally comes when people are spending so much of their hard earned money, or having it spread around by the government and  on the common good for certain people and welfare programs passed by our politicians that they will have no time or money left to spend for the things they want out of life or the American dream.

And don't kid yourself. It can happen and it is starting to happen in the United States right now. It won't happen if a whole lot of people make it clear that they won't let it happen by their votes on election day, but there is no guarantee of this. Someday {and personally I think it is already here} you will find you can no longer vote with any meaning, you don't dare criticize elected officials anymore, your weapons have been confiscated, and your kids are being taught in the local school how to spy on Mom and Dad, then this you will know that I was right and believe me I'm not far off with what I'm saying. Those of us who now criticism Obama are often called racist. This country and a lot of other free democracies are less than perfect. So, while there is  still time left we must make our voices heard with our votes if we are to change this status quo. 

A one hundred percent true republic is supposed to have free citizens, not good citizens as the government calls people that do what they want when they want. So, the day you wake up and find you don't have all the freedom you deserve, the first thing you have to do is stop being a good citizen and become a free citizen. The fact is you should stop being that good person now, a person that says nothing, and start demanding to be a free man.

If you can't be a free citizen, then you must elect people into office that will guarantee that right framed by our founding fathers in the constitution of these United States. Nazi Germany wasn't filled with people who wanted to throw Jews into bonfires and gas chambers, make slaves of most of the countries in Europe, and  rule the world with a new world order. The Germans were good people. Nazi Germany was filled with good citizens, because they did what their leaders told them to do. Hitler did everything he could to make all those good citizens think they were better off with him in charge, (HUM SOMETHING RINGS A BELL) even if they did have to give up a few freedoms. Hitler was more frightened that all those good citizens might stop being good citizens than he was of the Allied armies. He catered to them, he entertained them, he promised them better things. What are our leaders doing right now? The Germans kept being good citizens right up to the bitter end and if we do not get control of our government the same will happen to us. We will be good citizens right up yo the end. Laugh if you want, but in the end and that is soon, my friend, you will see the light and that I'm right.

In the Sixties, the decent good black American people in the South just got plain fed up with sitting in the back of the bus, getting chased away from the voting polls, and being turned away from  restaurants and hotels, no matter how much money they had, not being able to drink out of the same water fountain as white people, not being able to use the same rest rooms as white people, being harassed by people wearing white sheets, and many other things. So they started acting like bad citizens, as some people would say, but I say they were acting like people who wanted to be free in a free nation and rightly so!. They stood up for their rights as Americans and now a black man can go into any public place he wants. He is truly a free man only because he made the move to be free and his voice was heard. He did not want to be politically correct, he wanted to be a free man.

Our freedoms are under constant attack from one side or another. Take the issue of gun control. The people who praise and highly recommend  this compulsory principle keep telling us that the majority of Americans want some kind of gun control. So what! No majority in a free country has the right to take away the freedoms of any minority. The black American people in the sixties proved that by standing up for their freedoms. So if you are a gun owner, a Christian, or any other group of Americans now is the time to stand up and say: "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH I AM A FREE MAN!" That's what freedom is all about, and owning a gun is in the eyes of many Americans  the sign of being free man. Free to protect his self, his family. and the many freedoms of this nation. As long as the people who understand and believe that principle, insist on keeping their guns, we are going to be able to keep them. It is when a people do not speak out they lose out and are no longer a free man or live in a free nation. With much thought about the freedoms of this great country of ours I thank you for reading this and even if you do not agree with this writer just maybe it will start you to thinking like I did.

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