Monday, August 25, 2014

Where Is Our Leader?

After the brutal beheading of Jim Foley, an American journalist, a person would think that Obama would take notice and get serious about stopping these terrorist (ISIL). It would seem that he would make it clear to the terrorist and the world that the American people will not tolerate these actions, and that we will use whatever force we have to eliminate ISIL. Each day that nothing is done, it will be much harder to stop these terrorist. Fellow citizens we have a problem.

The problem is not, as some say, Obama’s failed policies in Syria, where he drew the line in the sand. When we have a leader that has said, in the past, “If the winds start to blow he would side with the Muslims. We already have a problem. The speech that Obama gave from his vacation spot about Foley’s death was weak, with no expression of anger. It was appalling for most Americans to see Jim Foley preparing to die at the hands of the ISIL terrorist. Imagine the thoughts that were going through his head as he kneeled, waiting to be slain . Many people could not watch the actual brutal slaying of this young American at the hands of radical Islamic terrorists because of how horrible it was, but within ten minutes of his speech Obama was out on the golf course. That should tell very American which ay he wind is blowing with Obama. He is a Muslim and he will never go all out against them. The past few years have proved that.

Obama, who is supposed to be our president stood at the microphone, relaxed, wearing no tie and giving a weak response to the slaying of Foley. There was no appearance of anger or resolve, saying some words that truthfully held no meaning. There was no outrage, no expression of stopping this group of crazed killers, no plan of action and not even an expression that our country will not “take this.” Our country is in big trouble and it starts with the man we elected as president.

Obama as well as any other world leader needs, vacations and when doing so, they have all of the complex capabilities they need to do whatever needs to be done. He was able to fly home for a day so he could look politically good and to pick up his daughter. He could not fly home from vacation like Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron did because of the outrage that his people felt. That showed leadership. The kind of leadership Americans need to have. Instead, Obama spent a total of six minutes giving his speech and returning to the golf course. The pictures taken by the White House showed a relaxed president smiling and waving, clearly enjoying himself. What a disgrace.

Years ago Bush, then president, warred us that this was a war that would last for years. We may be weary of war, but we have no choice. We cannot give up because the radicals will not do so, and we must be strong and show that strength. Leadership is not a job for the attorney general and the FBI who is looking into this attack. How foolish is that. This is a war not a “give then their rights court case. We must be led by a strong president. A president that will face this situation head on so we can protect this country and the world of radical Islam. He must make clear that our country will not allow this group to continue. His comments that al-Qaida is dead must stop. Whether it is al-Qaida, Hamas, Hezbollah or ISIL, they are all killers and want to eliminate Christians, Jews, and others who do not follow their laws. They want the United States gone, Isreal gone, and any other nation that does not bend the knee to them.

The secretary of defense spoke out about the threat of ISIL, but it does not appear that the president believed it or even wants to do anything about it. He turned a deaf ear to the ever growing problem. In January Obama called the terrorists JVs (junior varsity). Where are our intelligence organizations if the president is receiving false information, which he is not. It is appalling to watch these actions by the administration with no apparent plan. This is an ongoing war that we have to plan to fight. It includes increased expenditures for our military (not cutting back as Obama has done) and giving help to those who want to fight these madmen. We need commitment from our leader, the president, recognition from all of us that we are back at September 11, and we must be united as we were then. We have to get true leadership from the president,(which is not going to happen with Obama) and we must elect people who will support our military in their fight against this enemy. If not, be prepared for the worst.

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