Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Transparent Administration

I was shocked by Obama’s “who cares” attitude and reply to our European allies uproar over the reports that the United States has been spying on them. Obama said in essence that everyone is spying on everyone else. He said that is what nations do. But is it really what nations do? Do we as a nation spy on our friends and neighbor’s? Do we spy on our friends that stand beside us in war and times of trouble? Who would consider peaking in the windows or bugging their neighbor's telephone? That’s not the America that I know or grew up in. Of course we have never had a president who wants to tear down America as Obama does. We, as Americans, are better than that? That is until the master deceiver came along.

Is Obama also spying on Americans that do not go along with his agenda? Could he have some Americans in his cross hairs? The answer to that is probably yes. If the truth was really known Obama was most likely a part of the IRS scandal, the Benghazi cover up, the fast and furious cover-up, and many other scandals that have plagued this administration, but we will never know the whole truth or how involved he was because he is good at what he does, “DECIEVING THE PEOPLE”. He promised that his administration would be a transparent one. I’m sorry but there is nothing crystal clear about him or his administration.

There must be something about absolute power that slowly but thoroughly corrupts judgment and values. Certainly the Obama that people first elected in 2008 would not have proclaimed that spying on our allies is what nations do. His administration was going to be transparent, be less dismissive of the world, less arrogant. Yet, today, after five years in office, he casually dismisses our allies’ complaints that he has been spying on them with an “I could care less attitude”.

Business leaders would go to jail for bugging other companies. President Nixon ended up resigning over efforts to cover up the bugging of the Democratic Party Headquarters. Yet, in today's world, the American people are told by their president that it is just fine to spy on our allies. Every president would need a strong alter ego whispering in his ear when he loses his moral bearing if he was like Obama. This current president sure does and more.

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