Thursday, July 18, 2013

Maryland My Maryland

I will always remember and keep track of the state that I grew up in. “Maryland My Maryland”. I remember the good old Eastern Shore where hard crabs, soft crabs, crab cakes, and rock fish were always in abundance. For the most part the abundance of these things are in the past. Gone for the most part. The Maryland that I once knew is just about gone and all Marylanders can say goodbye to those things that we once enjoyed when they were in abundance and everyone could afford them.

And then as I was thinking there are a lot of things that all Marylanders can say goodbye to, especially since Governor O’Malley (Democrat) (Liberal) has been in office. Why do I say this? Well, when you take time to think about that statement you can see why I say goodbye.

Ever since Mr. O’Malley has been governor, the citizens of Maryland have been saying goodbye to a lot of their rights and their money. For instance, the first year he was in office we saw the federal transportation funds that were granted to each county of Maryland taken away from the respected counties. Goodbye transportation funds.

We also saw the surplus of money accumulated by former Governor Ehrlich, who was a Republican used to balance the first year budget deficit created by Governor O’Malley. Goodbye surplus money.

Funds that were appropriated for the construction of a new Dover Bridge, which is very much needed to support the lifeline between Talbot and Caroline counties, have since disappeared. Thousands of people depend on Dover Bridge every day to go to work and for all kinds of medical services. Why did that happen? Money is still being poured into reaching the beach, but for a much needed bridge for the people of the Eastern Shore it is goodbye new Dover Bridge. Where are the priorities here?

People from Maryland also see more of their hard earned money being spent at the gas pump due to the gas tax increase put into place by O’Malley. Marylanders can say goodbye to their hard earned money. The sales tax has also been increased to six cents on a dollar driving many people on the eastern shore to Delaware to do there shopping leaving business owners on the shore hurting.

Marylanders will also no longer be able to purchase certain firearms due to just their looks. The firearm can be a 22 rifle and if it looks like an assault rifle it cannot be sold in Maryland. And to purchase an allowed firearm they will need to be licensed and fingerprinted. Goodbye to some more honest citizens’ rights and goodbye to many jobs from the fire arms manufactures leaving the state.

That’s a pretty impressive summary of O’Malley and his actions since he has become governor. Most people will agree with that. And just think about this, Marylanders have a couple more years left for O’Malley to take away more of their hard earned money and their freedoms. What will be next O’Malley Man?

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