Friday, January 18, 2013

Where are your tears President Obama?

Of course President Obama
got pretty emotional
addressing the recent
tragedy of the brutal murder
of young school children in
Sandy Hook, Conn.
Weren’t we all sad and
shocked? Of course the
President judged that deadly
rampage as horrible, illegal
and distressing. Didn’t we all
agree? Who among us
wouldn’t denounce such violence against our young?
Indeed, a part of our
nation’s shock was how very
young the innocent victims
were. Probably for quite a
while, we will be able to
recall in our mind’s eye their
fresh, beautiful smiling
faces. We will grieve over
and over again that their
young lives, so full of potential and bright promise for
the years ahead were
snuffed out by one man executing a devious plan born
from a mind not at all sound
or good.
Obviously, what kind of man
would the President be if he
didn’t declare such brutality
as intolerable? Regarding the
Sandy Hook children, from
the Oval Office to the home
office, from Maryland to
California, we all agree:  the
murder of children is wrong,
horrible, distressing.
Unless, of course, the children are very, very young. If
the children killed are really
little, then President Obama,
with the blind support of millions of other pro-choice
Americans, stops weeping
and actually starts planning,
promoting and funding the
increased slaughter of millions of innocents, not just in
America, but all over the
President Obama and most
all Americans would rightfully weep over the slaughter
of innocent kindergarten-aged children in a
school shooting and, of
course, over the death of a
week old infant abandoned
in a trash pile.
But if that same infant was
brutally slain just a few
weeks before, while still in
their mother’s womb at a
federally-funded Planned
Parenthood Center, then
there is no outrage, no
shock. For President Obama
and blinded others, a literal
genocide of the very young
is not at all wrong or brutal
or distressing; it is a right
protected by law.
I was once blind, until I saw
a film of an actual abortion.
Now I see, and my tears flow
freely for the  56,000,680
snuffed out to abortion here
in America. Where are your
tears, Mr. President?
This was copied from a local news paper. It was written by a church pastor

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