Friday, January 11, 2013

The Congress Connection

Ever since I was old enough to vote I was a Strong Republican voter because they were the ones who for the most part keep the federal government in check with spending. Sorry to say that is not so anymore. A few years ago I changed my my party affiliation to Independent because the Republican Party was not doing their job anymore.

During the last election the Republican Party promised to cut spending and the Democrats promised more spending. With all my heart I believed the Republican party would stand their ground for cutting this country’s runaway spending and they did not. They just caved in to the Democrats more spending programs.

Just like millions of other conservative Americans I cannot and do understand the massive amount of debt that is on the shoulders of this country and every American. Our country (the Democrats) is spending more every day and all the while they know that taxes have to go up to pay for all the spending. I as well as every American knows that and so should the Republican and Democratic parties also know that. Any person with any education at all can see that both taxes and spending are way out of control and not a budget in years have come from the White House or Congress, let alone a balanced one.

What the American people got from Congress and Obama was four trillion dollars of new debt to be placed on every taxpayer and six days of new tax increases on the rich to pay for it. The Republican and Democrat parties know what needs to be done to correct this problem, but refuse to do it. It is a disgrace when the people we elect to represent us cannot do the job the American people sent them to Congress to do. It looks like a major problem but in fact it is simple to fix, Cut the spending and raise taxes on everyone to pay for the out of control spending created by both sides of the aisle in congress, and it should not only include the federal government, but states, cities, counties and local government.

We need new leadership now to do what is right for our country. As long as we have people in Washington that have their own agenda and are only doing what will keep them in office we will keep going downhill to a doomsday that will surely come. We need to clean house and start fresh.

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