Saturday, January 5, 2013

Taxing The Rich ?

By now everyone should have a really clear and up front picture of the Democratic Party and their agenda or should I say their scam. Most Democrats in congress and the White House have never seen a tax bill they didn’t like. One of Obama’s main concerns in his agenda or game plan is increasing taxes on every American, not just the rich as he is trying to promote. All Americans will get hit with more tax increases (these are hidden within Obamacare) not just the rich.

The question that needs to be asked is, “Why have we never heard a Democrat talk about or demand a reduction in spending or stopping it all together. For those who haven’t quite figured out this, the answer is they have not figured out the value or total sum of not spending what you don’t have.America has already fallen off the fiscal cliff years ago when we were no longer able to pay off our debt in a reasonable time. Wherever there is a Democrat in office, there will be a tax increase somewhere in the package on something without ever considering cutting back. Many households have had to cut back and it is far past the time that our government learns to do the same thing. They have misused the American tax payers money, robbed the Social Security lock box, and have put this country on the brink of disaster.

The only thing the representatives in congress are interested in is the next election. Why hasn’t one of them ever put a bill on the floor that requires all representatives pay into Social Security and Medicare like the real working class? What makes them so different.

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