Monday, February 13, 2012

A Blow To Religious Freedom

The United States Department of Health and Human Services, under the Obama administration, requires that all employers, religious and secular, offer their employees, as a part of mandated (ordered, commanded, directed, dictated) health coverage, a so-called preventative services of sterilization, abortion, including drugs and contraception is a blow to every American Citizen's liberty. The truths that we, as Americans, find self evident by our Christian up bringing are being taken from us. It is time for all denominations to bind together and say no to this requirement.

It is one more example of the federal bureaucracy, under Obama, telling all of us, every American what must be done and will be done, in great detail with the force of law. It violates and goes against basic, deep-seated fundamental religious beliefs of many churches and denominations. It is time for there to be more people like the Hebrew Children, Daniel, Hannah, Mishael, and Azariah. It is time to take a stand and just say “NO”. It is a time to say “I shall not be moved”! We serve a God that has more authority and power than any government on this earth. Obama tells the people that he is a Christian, but if he was ever on trail for being a Christian there would never be enough evidence to convict him.
This new requirement basically violates our freedom of conscience by putting employers in a situation where they must comply contrary, against their beliefs or be denied and penalized or punished for failing to offer their employees the required, completely mandated health coverage. What is happening to this country? It is a religious issue, not a government issue, but if you get right down to the heart of the matter it affects the fundamental constitutional rights of every American. It is every American's right to follow his or her conscience with minimal intrusion by all levels of government. Our fundamental rights are being taking away from use, more and more, everyday.

All American’s rights to freedom of conscience should be respected and protected. This is not happening under Obama. We are losing more of our freedoms as Americans every day. Now he (Obama) is back peddling and has said accommodations can be made for those who do not want this new requirement. The fact is without taking away this requirement there can be no accommodation for a single person. If we allow this to happen we will soon have requirements for many other things that go against our personal freedoms in the BILL OF RIGHTS.

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