Saturday, February 11, 2012


During the last presidential election we heard Obama say, and it was all over the media, that some Americans cling to their Guns and Religion. That statement offended not only me but many other Americans. Three years later if you stop and look at what he said back then and what he is doing now then you can truly see what he was saying. He wants the people to rely on the government (Him). In my opinion Obama is not only a Muslim at heart, but also a communist. He has showed that with his tough stand on gun control and now the latest with him using the government to tell the church what they MUST do. The fact is he with not settle for nothing less than 100% control of every American. If you look at his three years as president he is implementing that fast. Another four years of this man and we will not have any freedoms left.
With the presidential election looming nearer each day the Republican Party is still way out in left field somewhere doing what, nobody seems to know. Never has there been a campaign that looked like this one before. How can the Republican Party put a candidate on the ticket when there is all the fighting and name calling between them? This needs to stop and a clear choice must be put forth to confront Obama in the general election. As it stands now all the Republican candidates are doing is giving Obama the means and the way back into the White House for a second term. To beat Obama there must be a unity, a harmony of one accord, and an agreement within the party to beat the worst president in American history. The Republicans do not have that and they had better start uniting or else we will see another four years of Obama. A strong unity is the only thing that will overcome Obama and his cronies. You can break one match stick easy, two it gets harder, three it is hard to do. And four match sticks it is nearly impossible. Can you imagine if you try to break the whole box?
If, God forbid, we see another four years of Obama as the president we will be a nation that is governed no longer by a president, but we will be governed by a dictator who will not seek to have new laws passed, but will impose them on the people. It is coming and it will happen if he is re elected. The American people did not think that some of the things that have taken place in this country could have and would happen, but they did. He promised there would be change and there was. Not the way a lot of people thought. Obama made a statement that I heard him say, along with a lot of other people, I was concerned about when he said it (during his last election campaign) “when I rule”.  A dictator rules, a president leads.
What we have in America is the making of a dictator and the doing away with of a president. Just look at some of the things (that we know about) that have taken place since Obama has been in the White House and you will start to get what I’m saying:
·         Obama Care was past late of a night, by congressmen who do not even know everything that was in the bill. A bill that will force all Americans (except him, his family, and congress) to use Obama Care as their heath care insurance. This lets the government say who will be treated for a certain illness and how long they will have to wait to be treated.
·         On the back of the health care law (as an attachment) there is a bill that was passed to give Obama his private army. It is to be used to enforce these laws, but what else will they enforce as time goes by? Remember when he said during his campaign that America needs a civil army that is just as big and just as powerful as the army? Well he has it. All he has to do is put it together. Another four years and who knows.
·         Under Obama there is a Shadow Government (czars) that make rulings and put things into place without it even going by the elected congress. What do we really know about this shadow government?
·         Obama has this policy that he would like to put into place (“Spread the wealth around”) that means he wants to take your money and give it to people that will not work in a pie shop testing pies.
·         There is more government regulation now than there ever was and more coming. Soon you will not be able to drive your car down the street without being told where you can go and what kind of care you can drive.
·         If you say anything about Obama or his policies you are labeled as a racist. Now how is that for putting a spin on disagreeing with policies that are not right?
·         On more than one occasion he has waited for members of congress to leave Washington to sign orders or new laws that they could nor protest or do anything about. Laws that will affect every American.
·         Americans were told by Obama that his presidency would be transparent and out in the open. He also so said there would be no more ear marks on bill that are being pasted. There are more earmarks today than there ever was and there is more done behind closed doors than ever before. So much for “THE Obama TRANSPARENCY”
·         By his tactics it would seem to the average person that this president is trying his best to tear down the American system and replace it by a communist system. We are already feeling this system by his doings since he has been in office. What will he do if he is elected to another four years?
·         Congress has passed a law that any American can be arrested, detained for as long as the government wants. They say it is for terrorist, but who is to say when it will be used to detain you if you speak out? (Whatever happen to due process?)
·         Congress has passed a law that spy drones can be used in the United States. Soon they will be looking down on you and every move that you make. You may be laughing now, but you will see.
If we allow this man to be re elected by the end of his second term we will be governed by Shari Law, live like the people in communist countries, and our rights as American citizens, as we know them, will be gone. As for me I will cling to my God, my religion, and my guns!

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