Saturday, October 29, 2011

OBAMA: The Want To Be!

Have you noticed how Obama, in the past few days,  has proclaimed a chain of economic initiatives. This reflects a strategic and tactical shift that White House officials hope will help the president’s political agenda in the months ahead. What he is doing now is not for the economy, per say, it is the foundation for his re election campaign. After all this time in office he still will have it his way or not at all. Almost every day this week, Obama put out a new program designed for some troubled sector of the economy:
  •  Monday:  Mortgage relief for homeowners tax credits to spur job growth for veterans
  • Tuesday: College loan relief for students
  • Wednesday, regulatory and information shortcuts for small businesses.
The plan-a-day approach is a attack that is premeditated to portray Obama as wanting to get the job done, while he complains about Congress’s failure to pass his jobs bill. The attempt will continue as long as Congress will not pass his socialist proposals. What we have here is a want to be king who says he will work with congress but that is a big lie. His working with congress is the same as having it his way.
The economy, as most conservatives already know  will need more help to recover than can be accomplished through one-sided White House action designed to get Obama re-elected. If Obama wants to put people back to work {I serious do not think he does}, he’s going to have to engage in the legislative process and work with congress to find common ground that will get this country going. It’s that simple! But with him it is his way or no way! I think that Obama really wants to see this country fail so he can put the “CHANGE” into place that was his campaign slogan.
Obama’s main focal point is on instant action to deal with problems {which many of them he caused} and  is also intended, by him and his cronies to provide a distinction with his Republican rivals.  I think that we will really see and hear during his 2012 State of the Union address, all kinds of proposals that will be the groundwork for the bigger issues agenda in his campaign for a second term. I’m just wondering if he will continue to use the word “CHANGE”.
Even Republicans and independents who are uncertain about the economic success and usefulness of the Obama initiatives recognize and admit that they could be a politically smart move on his part to get re elected, while he is still pressing for his $447 billion jobs package, more taxes, and spreading the wealth around. Some of his cronies said that he developed a “broader way of thinking about the presidency, not just what you can do legislatively.” In other words he is a want to be king who will have it his way or no way! In reality he does not want to work with anybody about the countries problems. It is his way or the highway. That is all we see out of him.
Obama has radically changed the conditions of the debate in Washington about jobs and most of all his jobs plan. These small initiatives where really put into place, by Obama, to help his inherent problem (problems that he made his self) and how to get re elected. With the economy in crisis, (the mess he caused) the president is not in a position to talk about his sweeping plans for a second term. You can be sure he has plans to finish tearing down this nation.  So now you see his new strategy.
Obama is expected, by many conservatives, to press forward on immigration if he wins re election. Some other possible priorities, such as making changes to Social Security and Medicare, pursuing his policies in the Middle East (in other words no policy at all), endorsing gay marriage, and a lot of other things that will tear this country down. Things that would be politically risky for him to discuss in an election season.
This my friends is the reason why we must go to the polls and vote this man out. He is the worst president to date. He makes Jimmy Carter look good and we know how bad Carter was. If we let Obama get re elected by his promises, lies, and his so called charm then America will be lost. Another four years of Obama and we will never be able to turn things around.

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