Monday, September 20, 2010

The Witch Hunt Is On!

The elections are close and the witch hunt is on! Bill Maher's release of remarks (on witchcraft) made by Christine O'Donnell, who has cast herself as a conservative with Christian values, puts her in an ill-chosen position. But she has given a very good and believable account of what she said. On Sunday she summed up her experiment in sorcery to being a teenager, and she said this: “ there is no magical explanation to her 1999 confession that she "dabbled into witchcraft." She didn't doing anything differently than lots of kids at that age, But there's been no witchcraft since.”
How does a reader, a voter, and a person deal with this type of revelation? First we must see what that person stands for now, not what they did when they were a teenager in school. We all know that when we went to school some did things that were really questionable and there was a lot of dumb things done also. All teenagers will experiment with different things such as alcohol, smoking, drugs, sex, pranks, and many other things such as witchcraft.Everyone has skeletons in their closet...especially from teenage years. But what do those same people as adults do now? Some have gone on with what they did in high school and others have chose a different way. Christine O'Donnell has said that she has chosen a different way and the voters of Delaware have a choice to accept or not accept her explanation.It's pretty sad that the press had to go all the way back to high school to look for dirt. If they did that for everyone who ran for office - no one would ever get elected. Let's hear her ideas for governing today not what she did when she was 18.A person could ask their self what did Bill Mair do when he was in high school? Does he have a right to cast a stone or does he, like most America,ns live in a glass house? If we judged all elected officials by their past how many would be elected? I dare say not many!
I was brought up to believe and was taught that Jesus Christ came to save and to forgive sinners. That goes for all of you who decide to use it against her. But remember, what mercy you give her, the same will be meted out to you. If we were perfect, Jesus would not have had to die on the cross for all of us. Yes, all of us, that means you and me. There is nobody that should deny that.
Bill Maher is a liberal so he is doing what he always does. If liberals cannot get their way, then they make personal attacks against their opponent . If you are losing, make personal attacks. It is the same thing every election year and it will always be that way. The " president " was a doper while in college, he hung around with radicals and still does, but we hear nothing from Mr. Maher about those things. We could say personal things about a lot of liberals and conservatives that has happen in their past. But we must look at the issues and how they as a candidate stand on them.

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Abby Rogers said...

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