Monday, September 13, 2010

Tolerance – or is it appeasement

During the past decade or more our country has been under attack by a people who claim to be holy, who in the name of their god (Allah) have beheaded, killed, murdered, and maimed thousands upon thousands of people in our country and around the world. The response to these actions by our government is one of appeasement. The government of our land calls it tolerance but it is appeasement, plain and simple. The president and government officials call for tolerance when it comes to these Islamic terrorist and their religion of hate. I decided to research this word that we hear so much anymore and this is what I have found that the word tolerance means;

  • Forbearance- which means patience and clemency

  • Toleration – which mean moderate and merciful

  • Impartiality – which means fairness and unbiased

  • Compassion – Which means pity, concern, sympathy

  • Magnanimity - which means forgiveness, charitable, unselfish

The question that has to be asked is this: How can any of the above meanings apply to a people that hate everything about your, and my, country and always will. How can these words be applied to a group of people who killed and maimed for life thousands of innocent people at the two world trade centers, who killed hundreds of our marines in their barracks in Beirut? We can all remember the USS Cole, and the soldiers killed at Fort hood Texas. All of theses vicious acts was done in the name of their god.
When a poisonous snake tries to bite you, you cut off the snakes head, when a raging lion tries to attack and kill you, you kill it before he kills you! A person does not have pity or concern for the snake or lion and that is the same way it should be for people that try to kill us everyday. You do not feed the lion or let the snake keep biting. You put a stop to it.
This country is at a cross roads and with the present administration the future of our country does not look very good. We are on a slippery slope. Obama does not want to call the terrorist what they really are, instead he calls their dastardly deeds “made made disasters” which to most people is a joke. Sometimes we must wonder whose side he is on just by what he says and does in public. For instants;

  • Obama said that we should have compassion for the Muslim people. A My question is how much compassion is enough? When does sympathy and pity come to a end? We given in to these people more and more everyday. Now there is a time and a place when enough is enough. How do you have compassion on people that want to kill you? We must remember, and keep in mind, that not all Muslims are terrorist or radicals and we must not blame all Muslims for all the killings and beheading of our people. But the question, we have to ask is this, If Islam is a peaceful religion then why have the peaceful Muslims not stood up and condemned these acts of violence? Why have they not put their own house in order? Mr. president answer that question!

  • Obama said that we are no longer just a Christian nation. B During a trip to Egypt Obama made that very statement. Were they words of appeasement or did he really mean what he said? Where is this man coming from. Although we are a nation of many religions we as a nation was still founded on Christian principals. Our laws and constitution was wrote from the Bible and it is clear for all to see. Now we have a element in our that is trying to remove the Christian influence from our laws and are trying to replace them with Shirah law, as well as the Muslim religion. Here a little and there a little this very thing is taking place!

  • Obama has also said some passage in the Bible are out of date for todays world. CEDoes he not know that the Bible has stood the test of time and still is the best selling book in he world. Nearly every prophecy in that Great book has come true. Obama claims to be a Christian so I believe that he needs to show it. If he would read the Bible he would see that “Forever thy Word is settled in heaven”, “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet”, and there are more for him to read to see how ridiculous his statement was and still is. No true Christian would ever say that: “The greatest sound in the world is the call to Muslims to morning prayer” Do we really know this man who is our president?

  • Obama made the statement that the constitution is flawed. DOur present constitution has been around for over two hundred years and it has been a document that has stood the test of time. What needs to be changed about it? Could Obama's problem be that it was wrote by great men (our nations forefathers) who put their trust in the Creator. The one that was in the beginning of all things.

  • Obama bows to Islamic leaders. F Why does he bow to Islamic leaders? That shows a sign of weakness and being sub servant. That is a sure sign of appeasement. He is the president of the most powerful nation on the earth and appeasing people who want to kill us is not the thing to do. Is all the bowing, that Obama does, a sign of respect or is it something else. What ever it is, it is not something for the president of this great nation to do. A true Christian bows only to his Master and that is Jesus Christ!

  • Obama apologizes for America G The United States has done more for and lent more money (our tax dollars) than any other country on the face of this earth to nations that needed help. This country has also broke the yoke of oppression in countries that were being run by tyrants such as Saddam Hussein. Women are no longer stoned for being raped, they are no longer considered second class citizens, they can walk the streets alone (with out a man), children go to school, and there is freedom there. Billions of our tax payer dollars is going and have gone to help other countries. This is money that we will never get back. When a major problem develops in the world all nations look to the United States for help. For Obama to apologize for this country after all the good it has done is another sign of appeasement. Is this called being a weak leader or a leader with an agenda of his own?

  • Obama offends Israel and its people. H For the first year and a half of his term he would not have his picture taken with the leaders of Israel or greet them when they came to the white house. They either came through the side door or the back door. This was to

    appease the Islamic leaders. No wonder these people are not afraid of us.

America is fast becoming just like England, France, Denmark. Finland, Germany, and many other countries around the world where Islam is fast becoming a major influence in their law and way of life. The government and our leaders need to stop the appeasement and the so called tolerance for these cowardly acts of violence against the American people. Appeasement never has won a battle. We can look back in history and see this time and time again. For one example of trying to appease all we have to do is look back to the beginning of world war 2. The prime minister of England was Neville Chamberlain and he tried to appease Hitler and the Nazis'. His appeasement nearly caused the downfall of England and the free world. The same kind of appeasement is happening in our country and all over the world today. This country needs strong and decisive leadership to deal with this crisis that is at hand. We are not getting that from Obama and the Islamic terrorist are taking advantage of it. We do not need to be tolerant (as Obama is calling for) nor do we need to appease anybody. We need to show these terrorist and the countries that support them the might and the power of Uncle Sam.

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