Saturday, September 25, 2010

How Do I Feel About Gun Control?

I'm sorry but I guess, as Obama said, I'm one of those people who cling to their guns and Bible and proud of it. People ask me the question all the time: "How do I feel about gun control?" The answer to that is: “ Break into my house one night and find out!” If Bruce and Sammy don't get you first Then you will have the chance to meet Buck (Short for 00 Buckshot!) or Mr. Glock. The country road that I have lived on since 1986 has turned from a quite neighborhood that you could leave your doors unlocked and keys in the car with no one ever bothering the car or coming into your house, to a place where in just a few short years crime is becoming the main stay. Robbery, shootings, assaults, drugs, breaking and entering, and even murder is the normal things that happen here now, on this once quite country road. The peace and tranquility that was once here is no longer.

That may sound out of place, and “Politically Incorrect” to some of you liberals and anti gun people, but let me tell you of two instances that people have tried to break into my house and what took place, then you can go from there with your thinking.

In the first instance I was in my bedroom, in bed, one night about two years ago when someone [more than one] tried to get into my house through the sliding glass door in my bedroom.
I was woke up out of a dead sleep, but I already had a plan in place as to what I would do if this ever happen, so I put part one of my plan into action. I grabbed my pump shotgun, that I keep by my bed [ the one with the short barrel and pistol grip and loaded with 00 buckshot] I picked up the phone and said, without dialing, in a loud voice: “I JUST SHOT SOMEONE FOR BREAKING INTO MY HOUSE, Then I pumped a shell into the chamber of the shotgun. The intruders heard the sound of the shotgun as I pumped a shell into the chamber [That is a pretty scary thing] and my voice saying [Like I was calling the police] that I just shot somebody for breaking into my house. They jumped off the deck and run for their lives and are still running. I got the plans for what I did from a movie that I watched years ago with Julia Roberts called “Sleeping with the enemy”. I was safe and no one was hurt. It worked. No one was hurt, shot or injured.

There was a part [B] to my plan and that was this: once they heard the shot gun being pumped and what I said over the phone and if they still wanted to break in then they would truly have met Mr. Buck and Mr. Glock who would have sent them to met their maker. If the intruders still wanted to break into my house after hearing my voice and the shot gun being pumped then they knew what the next step would be! BANG! BANG! BANG! So it was their decision to what they wanted to do, run while they had the chance or get shot. They had a choice. This time they made the right choice.

In the second instant I was in my living room and the dogs growled and then some one just tried to break the door in. There was no trying to jimmy the lock, they were breaking the door down. At that time I was in business and my office was located in my house. I never kept any money in the house to speak of {if that was what they were after} but I guess the intruders thought other wise. There was no time to call the police, I had a 40 caliber Tarsus automatic in the coffee table drawer and I took it out and yelled for them to go away, but they still tried to break the door in. I shot through the house next to the door. Once again the intruders ran away. But like in the first instants the next thing would be if they never run they would have met their maker.

I have thought many times about relocating but I believe no matter where you go a person can or will have the same problem. I will always say that the government and our court system is a big part of this growing problem on my country road and this country as a whole. I always believed that if you do the crime, then you must do the time. But this is not so anymore. If I would have shot anybody when they tried to break in I most likely would have been the one in trouble with the law. That is just the way it is these days. I personally believe That a well armed citizen is the best deterrent to crime and mayhem in this country. The problem is Obama and his liberal friends want to take them from us. The government can pass all the laws they want [besides the hundreds that are on the books already] and the only people that will have no guns is the law abiding people who want just to defend their rights. Remember this, the criminal element will always have guns because they do not abide by the law in the first place. And if they did not have guns to commit their crimes it would be knifes or anything that they could use to commit their act of lawlessness.

The government would have rather for me to have run into another room in my house and call the police. Here is what would have happen. I would have been robbed, shot, injured, or worse. The police always do the best job that they can but it would have taken them [from where I live] at least twenty minutes, or longer, to respond to any call that I made for help. By that time it could have been all over for me. The question that I want to ask and would like comments on is this: “WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DONE?”

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